Players will have to make some snap decisions in an intense situation during the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign mission Dark Waters, so it’s no wonder many want to know the correct answers before starting the mission.

During the MW2 Dark Waters mission, you will have one minute to prevent a missile from launching. Graves will help you, but you’ll need a keen eye to spot the details he requires.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you solve this challenging task with ease. That and to make sure you don’t inadvertently destroy part of the US.

Don’t worry, you will be rewarded for your hard work and effort in saving millions of lives. For each mission you complete, including Dark Waters, you’ll receive one of many exclusive campaign rewards.

Are There Correct Answers in Dark Waters?

Yes, you will need to select all of the correct answers in order to prevent the missile from launching and destroying New Orleans.

If you manage to select all of the correct answers, you’ll be treated to a satisfying explosion as the oil rig is destroyed instead of an entire city.

How to Stop the Missile in Dark Waters

In order to stop the missile in the MW2 campaign mission, Dark Waters, you’ll need to follow Graves’ instructions clearly. Here is everything you need to do in order to succeed:

  • Press CLR and MODE at the same time (that’s Square and Circle on PlayStation and X and B on Xbox)
  • Select the option “Letter C” (that’s up on the D-Pad on PlayStation and Xbox)
  • Press EXE (that’s X on PlayStation and A on Xbox)
the options to stop the missile in the MW2 mission Dark Waters
Choose Letter ‘C’ & Press EXE to stop the missile in Dark Waters MW2 Campaign mission

It really is as simple as that. Once you’ve followed those instructions, you’ll force the missile to destroy itself before flying off.

What Happens if You Choose the Wrong Option in Dark Waters?

If you choose the wrong option when Graves asks you for the letter displayed on the screen, he will inform you it’s a negative and ask you to check again.

Should you continue to get it wrong, the missile launch progress will reach maximum. This will end the mission and reset you to when Graves asks you for the answer.

What Happens if You Don’t Choose An Option in Dark Waters?

Similarly, if you don’t select an option in Dark Waters, Graves will get increasingly annoyed with you, asking you to check the options over and over again.

the fail screen in Dark Waters if you don't diffuse the bomb
MW2 Campaign Mission Dark Waters Options (Number ‘0’, Letter ‘C’, Number ‘8’, Letter ‘L’)

If you fail to choose any option or even to start the process at all, then the missile will be launched. However, you, unfortunately, don’t get to see this as the mission will instantly fail and you’ll be reset.

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