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Control on PS5 – PS Plus Users Are Requesting Refunds

Since being announced as a free PS Plus title, PS5 owners have started asking Sony for Control: Ultimate Edition refunds.

It seems like this situation is going to be a monthly occurrence now. Sony announces which free games will be coming to PS Plus each month; only for those who recently bought the title to ask for a refund.

While this wasn’t unheard of on PS4, it was much rarer. Mainly because the PS4 has a vast catalog of games for Sony to select from.

They also had a tendency to only release PS Plus titles for free if they were older. And therefore already cheap on the PSN store. - This isn’t the case on PS5.

As the console is still very new, it only has a limited number of games. – And none of them are cheap.

This means it’s likely that any free games may have been purchased by PS5 owners looking for new content.

Therefore, we understand the frustration of PS5 owners who’ve spent $70 on a game; only for it to then be given away for free. This exact same situation happened last month with copies of Maneater on PS5.

Proud new PS5 owners bought the game at launch, only to then see it given away for free. Essentially, they paid Sony for nothing.


What’s Happening with Control Refunds on PS5?

Last month, Sony allowed those who had recently purchased a copy of Maneater to apply for a full refund. Even if they had already played and completed the title.

Sony’s usual refund policy is to only provide one if the game is unplayed and the purchase was within the last 14 days. However, this refund offer was extended to anyone who had bought Maneater on PS5 – regardless of when.

So far, the same refund offer has not materialized for people who’ve bought digital copies of Control: Ultimate Edition on PS5. According to some Twitter users, they’ve requested a refund only for it to be denied by Sony.

It remains to be seen if Sony will eventually back down and offer a refund for Control on PS5 as they did for Maneater. Or will they simply clarify what their policy is on this situation going forward?

Sony needs to do something, as in our view, these situations are entirely avoidable. Could Sony not emulate Microsoft’s approach with the Xbox Game Pass? Or only release new games for free on their service?

Otherwise, each month, it’s likely to happen again due to the PS5’s library still being rather limited. The situation will resolve itself in time, but it seems likely to continue until more games are available on PS5.

Here’s what other free games PS5 and PS4 owners can enjoy this month with a PS Plus membership. February’s lineup also includes Destruction AllStars – which was recently unveiled at Sony’s State of Play event.

We also anticipate updates to the PS Plus Library in the next few months.  


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