Modern Warfare 2’s new DMZ mode throws players into Al Mazrah to obtain valuable loot and exfil safely. One of the most exciting items players could exfil with is Contraband Weapons.

DMZ is a diverse open-world experience where players can chart their course. There are no set rules, and the most important thing is to stay alive.

Players can loot, befriend other players, and even betray each other. But to play DMZ successfully, you need to understand Contraband Guns.

What Are Contraband Weapons?

Contraband Weapons are any DMZ-exclusive guns you obtain from enemies or friendly players and successfully exfil with. If you lose it while on the battlefield, you’ll permanently lose it from your inventory.

These weapons are usually customized by the player you took them from, so it offers you a chance to try out unique loadouts that you may not have otherwise.

It gives players more incentive to engage with other players since you can potentially go through your entire DMZ match without encountering anyone.

You can see a complete list of weapons that will be available in MW2 and DMZ here.

Contraband Weapons DMZ

How to Get Contraband Weapons in DMZ

To obtain a Contraband Weapon in DMZ, you’ll need to loot a weapon from an enemy player or receive one from a friendly player. Once you have another player’s weapon, you’ll need to successfully exfil with the weapon in your inventory.

This will turn that weapon into a Contraband Weapon. The first time you load into DMZ, you’ll receive a small inventory of Contraband Weapons to use.

But these weapons can be lost permanently if you lose them while playing DMZ. But to make the best of them, you need to understand DMZ and how it plays out.

DMZ will take place on the same map as Warzone 2, Al Mazrah. Al Mazrah features the largest Call of Duty Battle Royale map to date, with multiple POIs you may already be familiar with.

Do I Keep Contraband Weapons Extracted From DMZ?

Yes, if you successfully exfil with another player’s weapon in your inventory, you will get to keep it as a Contraband Weapon.

This will also unlock the BASE version of the weapon in Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer and Warzone 2. You’ll still need to level it up yourself in those modes.

This is huge for players that aren’t too fond of doing weapon challenges and would rather earn the weapon by looting.

Although, you’ll need to find the weapon you want first, and most of the time, you’ll need to engage an enemy and loot it off them.

You can see what weapons we recommend leveling up for Warzone 2 here so you can exfil when you see them in DMZ!