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Xbox Series X and PS5 Cold Boot Times Comparison

More information has seemingly come to light regarding the cold boot times of next-gen consoles. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X have fans excited.

The PS5 console could take a mere 2 seconds to cold boot certain games. If true, then this is staggeringly fast. Especially when compared to previous console generations.

NBA 2K21 was revealed during a recent PS5 event giving fans a detailed look at the game. Later though, publisher 2K released an extended version which also featured 2K co-founder Greg Thomas interacting with a PS5 and a copy of the game.

The cold boot time of the console can be seen in full effect in this version. In fact, Thomas himself counts out loud for just 2 for seconds before exclaiming “That’s the total time it will take to load NBA 2K21 on the PS5”.

This moment is around 30 seconds into the extended version. He then goes on to say that the game has been “built from the ground up for PS5”.

You can view the video in full below:

If this turns out to be the case for other PS5 games, then it will mark a significant leap forward in loading times. All but eliminating them completely.

What About The Xbox Series X Cold Boot Times?

The Xbox Series X also has fans impressed with its own cold boot speeds.

Another clip, released on YouTube showing a comparison between the cold boot times of between the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

While the video doesn’t show how quickly each game boots up, it does show off how quick each console is to load. On this occasion it’s the Xbox One X that wins, booting within 18.33 seconds. While the PS5 takes 21.08 seconds.

Here’s the clip:

Although it’s important to point of that there may be some creative licence at play. A consoles boot up screen is also intended to be a welcome screen too. Therefore the time it takes could be deliberate and not just a product of loading time.

What seems most apparent though, is that when each console is switched on games will load very quickly. This is incredibly exciting, and we imagine we’ll know more soon as people start to get hands-on with each console.

YouTubers in Japan are already preparing to go hands-on with the PS5. So it will be interesting to see if these loading times are accurate.

The End of Loading Screens?

Throughout the lifespans of the PS5 and Xbox One, loading times have crept up. This may be because the software is advancing to the point that the hardware is struggling to run it.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X could usher in an era without loading screens. Although, history could also repeat itself as software continues to advance.

NBA 2K21 will be a PS5 launch title and will release on the 12th and 19th of November alongside the PS5 console.