3 new Colosseums just became available to explore in Elden Ring, as part of the game’s first DLC update. Here’s where to find them:

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here: Elden Ring finally has its first DLC – and it’s completely free!

While this might not be the long-awaited expansion fans have been hoping for, it’s a nice update, particularly for those who enjoy PVP. Dueling other players has been an Elden Ring mechanic since launch, but it was always just a little clunky.

Players had to gather in specific map locations that they organized online, and rely on their opponents to also follow the self-imposed rules of Elden Ring dueling.

Now, our brand-new DLC makes things a little easier. Here’s everything you need to know about Elden Ring’s Colosseum update!

two players fighting each other in the colosseum in Elden Ring

Where to Find All Colosseum Locations in Elden Ring

3 new Colosseums are now live in Elden Ring. Players can explore PVP arenas in the following locations:

  • Limgrave
  • Caelid
  • Leyndell, Royal Capital

Each Colosseum comes with a unique interior, allowing fans to choose their favorite battleground. When entering a Colosseum, Elden Ring will teleport players to a new location, rather than actually taking them inside the existing Colosseum interiors.

Here’s a quick guide to finding all 3 new DLC locations.

But first, make sure you’re using one of the best PVP builds for Elden Ring’s new Colosseum battles!

Limgrave Colosseum Location

Limgrave Colosseum is located to the north of the region. Simply fast travel to the Warmaster’s Shack Site of Grace, and head along the north path as shown below:

Limgrave Colosseum location

Caelid Colosseum Location

Caelid Colosseum is to the north of Caelid, on a little outcrop that breaks away lightly from the main landmass. You can reach it by fast-traveling to the Deep Siofra Well Site of Grace, and taking the path to the northwest.

Caelid Colosseum Location

Leyndell Royal Colosseum Location

Perhaps the most obvious of all the Colosseums, Leyndell Colosseum stands magnificently on the western side of Leyndell, Royal Capital.

You’ll be able to see it from many locations in the city, but the easiest path to the arena is by fast-traveling to the West Capital Rampart and following the path to the west and up the incline.

Leyndell Colosseum Location

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All Colosseum Differences & Modes Explained in Elden Ring

Although all Colosseums will allow Elden Ring players to face off against one another in multiplayer combat, there are some key differences between them:

Limgrave Colosseum

Features United Combat and Combat Ordeal modes. In United Combat, combatants form two teams and battle it out with the ability to respawn. After a set time passes, the team with the highest score (points are awarded for defeating enemies) wins.

Combat Ordeal is similar to United Combat except that it’s a Free For All mode. Every player must fend for themselves and get the highest score possible, with respawns on, until the timer runs out.

Leyndell Royal Colosseum

In Leyndell, Elden Ring players can engage in Duel Mode, pitting players in fierce 1v1 matches. This is Elden Ring PVP in its purest form, with no respawns allowed.

players fighting alongside their summons in Elden Ring

Caelid Colosseum

Meanwhile, Caelid’s Colosseum features all 3 modes: United Combat, Combat Ordeal, and Duel, with one key difference. Only in Caelid, players are allowed to summon Spirit Ashes to fight by their sides!

Expect the most chaotic of battles, and bring one of the 5 most overpowered Spirit Ashes with you to the arena.

Plus, these top 3 PVP meta builds in Elden Ring will help you win any duel you come across.

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