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Cold War’s Biggest Matchmaking Issue Is Making Players Angry

Black Ops Cold War players are becoming increasingly angry at the game's matchmaking system. One of Cold War's biggest issues is causing players to voice their concerns online.

Cold War players appear to be getting more and more frustrated with the game. An issue that has persisted across other Call of Duty titles has now become a major problem in the latest COD game.

Now, however, players are hoping that Activision may address one of Cold War's biggest matchmaking issues. Here is what the COD community thinks about the game's current state.

Black Ops Cold War - Matchmaking Problem

Black Ops Cold War players are busy discussing the game's matchmaking problem. Unfortunately for many fans, Cold War has a whole host of problems that need addressing.

Not only is the game suffering from severe balancing issues. But now, many are becoming frustrated with the game's multiplayer lobbies. Interestingly, it appears that matchmaking is the latest issue players are discussing

The problem itself revolves around players joining losing lobbies. The issue that most players are finding is joining a losing game in progress can often lead to a frustrating experience.

Black Ops Cold War League Play

As a result, this Cold War matchmaking issue can lead to tough and often extremely disappointing games. Some users on Reddit are discussing the problem and what could be done to fix it.

Furthermore, glitches and bugs are causing even more frustration for players. For example, Cold War's weapon XP glitch is infuriating many players at the moment too.

The COD community is full of excellent ideas for how to improve the game, most recently Cold War players have come up with this clever feature that they want to see in the future.

Cold War's matchmaking issue could be fixed easily, however, whether Activision does this is yet to be seen. Take a look at the Reddit post down below to see what players make of the problem.

(Source: Reddit)

Cold War Matchmaking System Is Frustrating

As you can see, players are frustrated with how Cold War's matchmaking system works. I'm sure most gamers have experienced joining a bad match in progress at some point in their COD career.

Ther are a number of players complaining about Zombies mode at the moment too. The Cold War Zombies Outbreak Tombstone glitch has led to the perk being called the "worst of all time".

Interestingly, it appears that Call of Duty 2021 may have been teased in Black Ops Cold War Outbreak mode. It looks like fans have plenty of COD content to look forward to.

Similarly, Cold War Zombies TranZit remake has also leaked in Outbreak mode. The classic Black Ops 2 map may be returning for Season 3 of Cold War.

Furthermore, Cold War's Outbreak mode will be getting an easter egg for Season 3. New leaks confirm that Treyarch has plans to introduce this for the next season of Cold War.

Finally, the XM4 is considered one of the best weapons in Cold War at the moment. If you're looking for the best XM4 class loadout in Black Ops Cold War, we've got you covered.

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