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Cold War Zombies: Outbreak Mauer Der Toten Prologue Easter Egg Walkthrough

Mauer Der Toten, the next map in Cold War’s ever-popular Zombies mode is only weeks away, but a new prologue easter egg has already appeared teasing the upcoming map. If you’re wanting to complete the easter egg for yourself, here’s how to do it.

Recently, the Mauer Der Toten Zombies map was finally revealed. Interestingly enough, it appears that players will be transported to a dangerous yet familiar location. Now, with the Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 4 just kicking off, Zombies players have plenty of surprises to sink their teeth into.

Berlin Zombies Cold War Mauer Der Toten
(Source: Activision)

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Whilst Warzone players are currently diving headfirst into a brand-new event, which is granting players a ton of incredible loot. Zombies players are also receiving similar treatment, with a new Outbreak easter egg which teases the new Mauer Der Toten map.

If you can’t wait for the next map, you can at least cave in some zombie skulls and sharpen your survival skills by completing the latest easter egg. So, without further ado, here’s how to complete it quickly and effectively.

Outbreak Mode ‘Operation Excision’ Easter Egg Guide

Season 4 is just revving up in Cold War & Warzone, and the latest content for Zombies fans includes a short easter egg dubbed ‘Operation Excision’ by Treyarch. If you want to know everything new in the Season 4 update, you can take a look here for the complete rundown.

However, it is worth mentioning that there is already the main easter egg for Outbreak mode. If you want to access the complete guide for the main Outbreak mode easter egg, you can do so here. Interestingly, this new easter egg is somewhat of a prologue or introduction to Mauer Der Toten, set to release in a few week’s time.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Wonder Weapon
(Source: Activision)

Okay, to start with you’re going to have to employ all of the survival skills you’ve built up in Zombies thus far, by making it to round three in Outbreak mode.

Now, once you’ve managed to reach round three, a new anomaly is going to appear somewhere on the map. This anomaly looks similar to the rifts, which allow you to travel across the world, however, the one you’re looking for is red.

Check out our guide on how to find the Red Phase Rift on every Outbreak map.

(Source: Youtube)

Weirdly enough, Warzone has also just introduced a new red door system, which gives players a crazy advantage. You may want to check it out.

After entering the rift, you will be teleported into the sky. The next step requires you to employ your parachuting skills in order to hit the next couple of red rifts, which are located somewhere in mid-air. However, you’ll have to do this a few times before you can get to the next stage.

Mauer Der Toten Prologue
(Source: Youtube)

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Although people usually state the opposite, you’re going to want to follow the light for this next step. Interestingly you should note a yellow beam of light that will land somewhere on the ground.

The yellow beam of light will lead you to a communication device, which you will need to pick up. Now, for the next step simply finish the round and then head to the beacon which you should notice grants the option to ‘Respond’.

(Source: Youtube)

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Strangely, Ravenov will talk to you over the communications device and tell you to head to a familiar location, the Sanatorium.

Mauer Der Toten Prologue Easter Egg Guide Continued

Next, you’ll need to carefully search around for a crash site inside the new area. If you’re having trouble finding this, the crash site leaves a trail of smoke in the sky.

Clear the area of zombies and then pick up the message located inside the crashed helicopter. The message will inform you that you need to collect a red Aetherium orb.

Mauer Der Toten Prologue Orb
(Source: Youtube)

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Next, keep shooting the orb and follow it closely until you end up at the bridge. The Aetherium orb should hover above an escort device letting you know you’ve completed this step.

Now, here’s where things get weird. After this you’re going to have to search around for a broken mystery box, the box will contain a rather unusual ‘Aether bunny’. Activate the bunny and then take it to the escort device on the bridge after defeating a few zombies.

Mauer Der Toten Bunny
(Source: Youtube)

The next part of the Mauer Der Toten prologue easter egg can be difficult. Activate the escort quest and you will find a dome radiates from the device, you’ll have to fight inside the dome whilst escorting the Aether to complete this part of the quest.

If you’ve survived this far, well done. However, once you’ve finished escorting the bunny it’s time to head on up to the top of the building and activate the radio. This will allow you to exfil and will also activate a boss fight that you need to eliminate quickly. For the best weapons to use for this boss fight, check out our weapons guide here.

Interestingly enough, you may have encountered this boss before. If you’re curious what boss you’ll be facing off against, take a look.

Cold War Outbreak Zombies Orda
(Source: Activision)

Finally, you’ll be treated to a rather ominous teaser cutscene for the new Mauer Der Toten Outbreak map. We won’t spoil it for you, so make sure you get to experience the easter egg for yourself.

However, if you’re already wondering to yourself, when does Season 5 start? We may already have the answer to that question.

Furthermore, a new and unlikely meta weapon has been discovered by players. The new weapon has great damage and insane TTK stats, check it out.

All the credit goes to WatchfulWolf for his rundown of this new Mauer Der Toten easter egg. If you want to check out his full video, you can do so here.

(Source: Youtube)
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