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Is Cold War Zombies’ Next Map Set in the Ural Mountains? What We Know So Far

Hints and teases have pointed towards the next Zombies map taking place in the Ural Mountains. Here's all we know right now.

Zombies hype is running rampant right now. Since the launch of Black Ops Cold War, fans have reveled in a dedicated return to the Zombies formula, with enough extra details to add some spice to the experience.

Now, with the launch of Firebase Z, it's only getting bigger. A free Zombies map is exactly what fans have been waiting for, and suggests that Call of Duty are finally putting player over profit. It's especially helpful that the map is brilliant, too.

call of duty black ops cold war zombies firebase z map
Cold War Zombies' Firebase Z

But speculation is already rife as to where the next chapters in the Zombies story will take us. Many leaks, rumors, and conversations have been found that suggest the next outing will take us to the Ural Mountains.

The Ural Mountains are an immense mountain range stretching across Western Russia. They'd be a location that not only suits the Cold War setting but also seems fun as hell to shoot some zombies to pieces in.

Lots of reports have stated that the Urals will likely be the location of the new Zombies map, so let's take a look at everything we know about a Cold War Zombies Ural Mountains map so far.

Cold War Zombies' Prior Leaks

While the Urals is an exciting idea for a map, some previous leaks have suggested some other locations for the Zombies gamemode.

The earliest instance of these leaks suggested the map would take place in Vietnam. This ended up coming true, as this is where Firebase Z is set.

Further leaks have been thought to be more trustworthy, as more interesting locations have become possibilities for Zombies.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Speed Cola
Black Ops Cold War Zombies

One leak appeared suggesting that the next map could be Dead City, a return to the original 1930-40s era. The leak seemed to be taken from a Treyarch presentation, that details the map will feature demons to fight alongside zombies.

Then, one leak arrived with two Zombies maps to reveal. It suggests that Zombies will get maps based in both Berlin and the USA.

This comes from a map seen in the Firebase Z trailer with "outbreak zones" being marked with red dots. The USA dot is vague, but it looks to be located somewhere in the state of California.

But of course, this isn't the only location rumored to be a part of the Zombies mythos.

The Ural Mountains Warzone Leak

Of course, the Ural Mountains have been leaked for Cold War Zombies, but another similar leak is causing confusion.

Information has been circulating about a potential Ural Mountains leak in Warzone, suggesting the next big Warzone map would take place there.

Ural Mountains Cold War Zombies Map
The Ural Mountains

Cold War's Fireteam maps already take place at the Urals, so the suggestion has been born of the assumption that it makes for an easy transition to Warzone.

It suggests further collaboration between Cold War and Warzone, due to the Urals' connection to the real-life Cold War. It's a deep connection, but it could be even deeper if the location appears in Zombies too.

Ural Mountains in Zombies?

The suggestion of the Urals in Zombies has kicked off recently due to the final cutscene of Firebase Z.

Once the Easter egg is completed, the operator character Ravenov mentions an "operation underway in the Ural mountains". This has been a big hint to the potential Zombies map, but it's not the only thing convincing fans.

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A leak sourced by the Twitter account NadeLeaksShit has all but confirmed the map for many fans. He is considered a reliable source, as his work has been cited by Zombies YouTuber MrRoflWaffles.

Black Ops Cold War Snow Map
Black Ops Cold War

His leak states that the map will be titled Spusk Stali, and will take place "in a glacier on the base of a huge snowy mountain". He goes on to state;

"The map goes all the way from the Russian facitilty at the top of the mountain to the frozen caverns that run inside it, full of weird ruins and ancient artiacts."

The Ural Mountains Zombies Leak

The leak goes on to suggest that the map has a focus on verticality, and plays with the idea of jumping off mountaintops into portals that lead elsewhere. This is an exciting change for Zombies, as it's often had a focus on horizontal level design.

That's all we know about Zombies' potential Ural Mountains map so far.

It sounds incredibly exciting and makes perfect thematic sense given the Ural's connection to the real Cold War. Not to mention the intriguing "operation" taking place during the Zombies story.

If you're still playing through the latest map and are looking to tick it off at 100%, here's our full walkthrough of Cold War Zombies's Firebase Z. Plus, here's how to find the once-hidden Dark Aether artifact on the map.

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