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Black Ops Cold War Zombies: How to Unlock Plague Diamond Snipers Fast

Black Ops Cold War Zombies isn’t the best mode for sniping, but you can still unlock Plague Diamond on your snipers fast!

Unlocking the Plague Diamond camos on your snipers in Black Ops Cold War Zombies requires quite the effort.

Not only do you have to unlock all prior camos on three guns, but snipers are notoriously bad in Cold War Zombies.

To grind for Plague Diamond sniper camos will be quite the effort unless you follow this new strategy. First discovered by Cold War Zombies YouTuber Caspahz, this method will help any CoD fan grind out one of the game’s top camos in no time.

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(Source: Activision)

How to Get Plague Diamond Snipers Fast in Cold War

First of all, Caspahz recommends that all players get their sniper rifles to level 40. Of course, this is easiest in a double weapon XP period, but it’s also fast enough if you follow this method:

Fastest Way to Level Up Black Ops Cold War Weapons

Now that all camo challenges are available, players can focus their efforts on unlocking Plague Diamond.

plague diamond snipers cold war zombies
(Source: Activision)

When you’re building your sniper class, focus on Bullet Velocity, Hip-Fire Accuracy, and Movement Speed. Be sure to spend a few Aetherium Crystals on your sniper weapon class upgrades too.

Then, when it’s time to begin the Plague Diamond sniper grind, head into Solo play in Die Maschine. Here’s what to do:

Get Plague Diamond Fast in Cold War Zombies

  • For Rounds 1-6, remain in the Yard starting area and aim for headshots on the incoming zombies. Be sure to let enemies enter the map fully, so they have a chance of dropping salvage.
  • Leave the final zombie alive and head through the pink door into Nacht Der Untoten.
  • From here, turn on the power and build the Pack-a-Punch machine in Die Maschine.
  • If you can, upgrade your sniper to the next rarity using the Arsenal.
  • Next, you’re going to want to activate the Black Ops Cold War Zombies Coffin Dance Easter egg.
  • Before picking up the box containing your free Perk, head into the Weapons Lab and buy Deadshot Daiquiri to improve your sniping experience massively.
  • Now head back to grab your free Juggernog in the box and return to the starting area.
  • When you’ve earned sufficient points, either grab the epic LW3-Tundra off the wall or Pack-a-Punch your sniper rifle. Also, be sure to spend salvage on upgrading your guns or buying armor.
  • From here, begin kiting enemies around the Yard until they’re following you in a group. Then run over to the green door and snipe as many of them as possible with critical hits.

As Caspahz points out, one of the most helpful parts of this strategy is knowing that you only need to get the finishing blow on enemies to secure challenge kills.

Players can damage the Megaton zombie with the best weapons in Cold War Zombies, before finishing it off with a sniper headshot.

Right now, Black Ops Cold War Zombies is completely free to play, so head in and grind out those camos. This free week comes ahead of the upcoming second major Cold War Zombies map: Firebase Z.

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