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Cold War Zombies Outbreak Tombstone Glitch – “Worst Perk of All Time”

The Tombstone Soda perk has stolen a player's points without giving them their items back in a new Cold War Zombies glitch. And it's upsetting fans a lot.

Tombstone Soda has seen plenty of controversy since it was introduced. Many fans feel as though its inclusion is redundant.

The inclusion of a perk that allows you to self-revive isn't that remarkable in Zombies anymore, especially when you consider how easy it is to craft a self-revive at your map's build sites.

Tombstone Soda Glitch makes Fans Call It Worst Perk of All Time in Cold War Zombies
Cold War Zombies' Tombstone Soda

Plus, it's been found to be pretty buggy too. Tombstone is the culprit of a game-breaking glitch on the Outbreak map that's been causing a lot of trouble.

It's also ruining games in Die Maschine, keeping players from using doors in shadow mode and forcing them to lose.

But now, a new glitch has been found that's ruining games. And fans have some big opinions about Tombstone Soda overall.

Tombstone Soda's Points Theft Glitch

Reddit user CuatroBoy has shared a clip of them experiencing yet another glitch associated with the Tombstone Soda perk in the Black Ops Cold War subreddit. But interestingly, it's quite different from the others.

The clip shows the player already having used Tombstone Soda's effect, and they're running around after having died. As with Tombstone's tier five upgrade, the perk allows the player to purchase all of their items back once they've died.

The player returns to the tombstone to pay the hefty 25,000 fee for their items and perks back. But, when they deposit their points, nothing changes. They lose their points, and get nothing back in return.

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Thankfully they have a ray gun as a backup, but it's no consolation for other players who'll have to experience this incredible inconvenience.

Here's hoping that Activision will be able to focus on this glitch for an upcoming patch.

Tombstone Soda Glitch makes Fans Call It Worst Perk of All Time in Cold War Zombies
Cold War Zombies' Outbreak

This isn't the only glitch that's causing trouble for players of Cold War. Players aren't earning weapon XP because of an infuriating bug.

But, the glitches aren't just a point of frustration. One glitch is causing all Zombies in a game to freeze in Firebase Z.

It's another frustrating pile-on to a perk that many fans deem useless. But some fans are feeling even more frustrated.

Fans Call Tombstone Soda "Worst Perk of All Time"

Some fans in the comments of the Reddit post might be angrier than the poster themselves.

User Gvbe5 expresses their ill-feelings for the perk in the post's comment section.

"Unpopular opinion", they start. "Grateful they have the idea of adding perks to CW Zombies but Tombstone is one of the worst perks of all time. Just essentially nooby and useless lowkey."

Another player in the comments reports having the same problem; "I knew I wasn't crazy! It took away all of my points when I bought it and my friends tried to convince me that I spawned with 0 points"!

Tombstone Soda Glitch makes Fans Call It Worst Perk of All Time in Cold War Zombies
Cold War Zombies' Outbreak

This problem has been the nail in the coffin for the Cold War Zombies Tombstone Soda perk for many players. At least until glitches like this are patched out for good, may players are avoiding it like the plague, and for good reason.

If you're still getting stuck on the new Outbreak mode, we've got you covered. Here's our guides on the latest maps;

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