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Cold War Zombies Tombstone Soda Bug Is Stealing Players’ Money

Cold War Zombies players have encountered a new Tombstone Soda bug, which is responsible for siphoning their cash and leaving them penniless.

Although Zombies players are no strangers to bugs and glitches, the Tombstone Soda glitch is an extremely frustrating new development. Unfortunately, the glitch is resulting in players having to leave the game after being robbed of their hard-earned cash.

Tombstone Soda Bug
(Source: Activision)

Similarly, Zombies players are also currently dealing with being banned simply for getting to high rounds in Zombies. Therefore the appearance of the Tombstone Soda glitch comes as no surprise to players. Here is everything that we know about the bug, which is causing mayhem in the multiplayer game mode.

Tombstone Soda Glitch Removes Cash

The Tombstone Soda bug is a new development in Cold War Zombies. Players have been reporting that their money is disappearing upon being put into a downed state.

Interestingly, It appears that the Tombstone Soda perk is the root of the issue. Furthermore, the perk itself appears to not be working correctly at all. Whilst Treyarch is busy adding Cold War Zombies easter eggs that unlock special rewards, other players are struggling to keep a hold of their cash.

outbreak mode Black Ops Cold War Zombies
(Source: Activision)

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Users over on Reddit have highlighted the issue, which is affecting a number of players. Interestingly, users have been discussing the issue, which appears to be getting worse and worse as time goes on:

Had this happen to me last night, I revived myself thinking I’d keep my perks but nope. They have so many bugs they need to fix it’s unreal.

(Source: Salad_Toppings Reddit)

As you can see players have noticed that the Tombstone Soda perk does not in fact protect their perks. Unfortunately, this renders the perk quite useless and some have advised avoiding using the perk altogether.

Furthermore, one Reddit user who goes by the name of niki2907 showed off his experience with the Tombstone Soda bug.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak
(Source: Activision)

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Take a look at the clip down below to see just how devastating the issue is. You may also want to pay special attention to the total amount of money in the bottom left-hand corner:

(Source: Reddit)

As you can see. the Tombstone Soda bug appears to be responsible for resetting the player’s point total. Sadly, 25k points are quickly taken away, resulting in the need for an early exfil.

Although Treyarch promises that Cold War Zombies Outbreak Mode is ‘just getting started, putting some effort into fixing the game would go a long way to help players.

Finally, the new Cold War Zombies Mega Barrel wonder weapon has leaked early. It may help you survive against the hordes if you’re low on cash…

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