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Cold War Zombies – Secret Perk Machine Mimics Found In Firebase Z

Mimics have been causing trouble in Firebase Z for some time now, and according to a new Reddit video, they're disguising as perk machines too.

Mimics have been getting in the way of Firebase Z gameplay since the map's launch. Whether they're leaping out at you from hidden rare items or causing frustration during the steps of Firebase Z's Easter Egg, they've caused problems for players for a while now.

Plus, now that they're in the latest mode Outbreak, their irritating influence is spreading across the whole Zombies experience.

PLayer discoveres perk machine mimic on Firebase Z
Firebase Z's Mimic

Their glitchy nature is pushing fans to immense frustration. In fact, there have been cases of mimics throwing players through walls on Firebase Z.

Luckily, there's a handy strategy to deploy to keep them away. Here's how to escape the mimic's clutches in Zombies.

They can make Zombies gameplay livelier or more annoying depending on who you ask. But, a pretty universally strange bug has been found that sees a mimic take the form of a perk machine on Firebase Z.

Firebase Z's Perk Machine Mimic

In a video posted to the CODZombies subreddit, user LeMemeMoo has shared their strange experience with a mimic that takes the form of a perk machine.

When they go to approach the Tombstone Soda perk at the Helipad, they look away for a second. But by the time they turn around again, the machine has disappeared and has been replaced by a mimic.

The player is able to kill them pretty effortlessly, but all the while, the machine has vanished. After the mimic is dead, after a few seconds, the machine returns. No animation, it just pops back into existence.

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This is an incredibly strange phenomenon, and many fans have assumed it was a series of strange visual glitches. Perhaps the item that the mimic spawned as was invisible, and the spawn animation forced the soda machine behind to glitch out.

PLayer discoveres perk machine mimic on Firebase Z
Tombstone Soda

However, some commenters seem to think otherwise. Some players have reported that mimics posing as perk machines is a real thing, and not just a bug.

"My friend told me this happened to him when Firebase first came out with the Jug machine", says one commenter. "We certainly didn't believe him at the time".

The original poster replies to the comment, positing a reasonable theory. "Maybe the developers intentionally made it an extremely low chance to happen to mess with us, so when it does happen it jumpscares us because we didn't think it possible."

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Zombies devs do like to throw little nuggets into their maps to intrigue and confuse players, so the perk machine mimic theory isn't all that far-fetched.

Still, the player likely wouldn't have had too much trouble without Tombstone, as it's had its fair share of controversy recently.

As it turns out, it's is an incredibly glitchy perk. A Tombstone Soda glitch is trapping players in ceilings and breaking games.

Plus, another huge glitch has pushed fans to the edge. Many players are calling Tombstone Soda the "worst perk of all time".

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