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Cold War Zombies: Sail 630 Nuclear Bug Fixed? Treyarch Responds

We may finally have a solution to the infamous Black Ops Cold War Zombies Sail 630 Nuclear Bug, according to Treyarch.

Over the last week, Cold War Zombies fans have been afraid to play their own game. In case you missed it, a major bug was banning players for getting to high rounds in the survival mode.

This PC-only issue claimed to be stopping cheating, but innocent players were getting banned for getting to Round 50 or above. Known as the Sail 630 Nuclear Bug, thanks to its rather unusual error message, the issue has been shutting down the fun for a lot of users.

(Source: Activision)

Players protested the permanent bans on social media, but Treyarch was far from helpful. Now, the company is giving the issue a second look, one week later.

See our original story on the Sail 630 Nuclear Bug and Treyarch’s initial response here.

Sail 630 Nuclear Bug Fix – Black Ops Cold War Zombies

If you were one of the fans affected by the Sail 630 Nuclear Bug, it looks like a fix is on the way for Cold War Zombies.

Despite Treyarch initially ignoring fans who were permanently banned simply for playing, it appears that some accounts are now being restored. In a recent update by Treyarch Community Manager Josh Torres, the representative confirms that accounts are undergoing a second review.

“Recent account enforcements have been reviewed and, where appropriate, accounts believed to be operating in good faith have been restored,” Torres confirms. “Accounts that included additional flags for exploits will retain their enforcement.”

If you got a ban with the Sail 630 Nuclear Bug text, it’s possible that your account will be back to its former glory. However, the Community Manager doesn’t state whether or not a fix to the issue is already present in the game.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies
(Source: Activision)

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Black Ops Cold War Zombies Fans Are Angry at Treyarch

Of course, this new update goes against Treyarch’s previous statement, and fans aren’t happy about their treatment. Reddit user LiesSometimes points out the inaccuracies in Torres’ initial response:

“Oh sh*t, I guess the bans weren’t thoroughly reviewed like he initially said they were. In fact, after they actually reviewed them, they reversed some wrongful bans. But of course, they’ve worded it in a way to shift blame entirely to those whom were banned.”

At the very least, it looks like Black Ops Cold War Zombies is free to enjoy on PC once again. This is good timing, especially as there is a new map coming to Cold War Zombies in Season 3!

We just hope that this game-breaking Tombstone bug gets a fix in Cold War Zombies.

Although Black Ops Cold War suffers from a severe lack of content, things are slowly turning around. We’ve got big surprises coming in Warzone and Cold War Season 3 already!

And what’s more, you can even turn in to a zombie in Warzone‘s battle royale now…

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