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Cold War Zombies Player Discovers Yet Another Firebase Z Door Skip

A Call of Duty player has discovered yet another trick to skip the first door on the Zombies map Firebase Z.

Zombies players have been having a great time with the Firebase Z map since it launched in Black Ops Cold War.

It's a great map that encapsulates exactly what fans have always loved about the Zombies game mode, while also injecting the new ideas that keep the series alive.

But, most crucially, fans have had a lot of fun with one element of the map in particular.

Zombies players refuse to pay to open the first door on the map.

Reluctance to buy doors is a staple of the mode, but players are taking it one step further with Firebase Z. Every so often an exploit that allows players to bypass the first door entirely appears, and shortly after it is patched.

Cold War Zombies Firebase Z new door skip found
Cold War Zombies' Firebase Z

The first Firebase Z door skip was a simple jump to a ledge, but it was of course patched.

Firebase Z also comes packed with other exploits, like a way to use its useful jump pads for free.

Fans are insistent that they won't pay their well-earned essence for access, and would rather find a new workaround. And a new trick to avoid paying for the door has arisen, and we'll need to use it fast before it's patched out like the others.

New Door Skip Trick in Firebase Z

One player has found their way back onto the ledge that was once a platform that players could jump to. Given that it would bypass the first door, this trick didn't take Treyarch long to patch out.

Player CeaselessGerm4 posted a video to the CODZombies subreddit flexing their brand new strategy.

The player finishes off the horde of Zombies they've been training around the first courtyard before showing off their new trick. They look to the door and shake their head. They won't be paying for access today.

CeaselessGerm runs to the tree and its surrounding display in the center of the courtyard. They hop up onto the short ledge right next to the tree and look to the ledge.

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Cold War Zombies Firebase Z new door skip found
Cold War Zombies' Firebase Z

Using the aether shroud field upgrade, they're able to warp up onto the all-important ledge. They're able to do this as the third-tier buff for the aether shroud allows the player to warp a short distance upon use.

From this ledge, as in other patched door skip tactics, they're able to jump up onto the opposite ledge on the building and use the teleporter to get to the firebase.

Once again, Treyarch is on the back foot, and the players finally have their way of bypassing the door back.

Want more help with Firebase Z? We've got a complete guide to Firebase Z in Cold War Zombies for you to check out.

There's a lot more exciting content potentially coming to Zombies soon. In particular, a leak in Outbreak has suggested a remake of the controversial Tranzit map.

Plus, a leak has hinted at an upcoming easter egg coming to Outbreak in Season Three.

There are some bugs that need fixing in Zombies, too; a new Tombstone Soda glitch is breaking Outbreak games.

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