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Cold War Zombies Player Discovers Free Wonder Weapon Ammo Glitch

A Cold War Zombies player has discovered a glitch that gives you extra free ammo for the R.A.I. K-84 wonder weapon.

Ammo for the R.A.I. K-84 wonder weapon is a touchy subject. It’s an excellent weapon and a great addition to the Zombies mythos through Black Ops Cold War.

But fans are torn on how useful the weapon is beyond its applications in Firebase Z’s Easter egg. It’s a great powerful gun, and makes a fine addition to the roster of wonder weapons already boasted by the series; but its ammo price is a big deal.

Cold War Zombies wonder weapon ammo capacity glitch
Cold War Zombies’ Firebase Z

The weapon costs 10,000 points to replenish in the ammo department. Those rounds you buy go a long way, but it’s an incredibly steep charge regardless.

Plus, imagine you get a max ammo drop the moment you purchase more ammo; that’s 10,000 points straight down the drain.

You might be able to get the wonder weapon for free, but it’s still a steep price to pay.

But, thankfully, one player has discovered an exploit in-game to make all those points go a little bit further.

How To Get More R.A.I. K-84 Ammo For Free in Firebase Z

in a post to the BlackOpsColdWar subreddit, user oreo368088 posted a clip of them discovering a new trick to boost your ammo with the RA.I. K-84 wonder weapon.

Cold War Zombies wonder weapon ammo capacity glitch
Cold War Zombies’ Rai K-84 wonder weapon

The clip sees the player approach an ammo box, ready to shell out the hefty 10,000 point fee for more ammo. They already have “full” ammo and are doing this for sake of example.

They try to buy more ammo, but as they already have 300 ammo stashed in their cache, the payment is rejected. However, they then change the weapon’s fire mode it its alternate rate.

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After then trying to buy more ammo, their ammo cache flits from 300 rounds to 350. This is more than was thought to be held by the weapon and shows it’s got a bigger capacity than we expected.

The Zombies ammo glitch is a handy trick, and it doesn’t look like a direct exploit of the game; just something left in the code. It’s an easy trick too, so it won’t take much to put into practice in your games.

If you need some other tips and tricks for Firebase Z, here’s how to get refined and flawless aetherium crystals. And if you need the full lowdown, here’s our complete guide to Firebase Z.

Firebase Z is still keeping Zombies fans entertained and should keep them busy until the new Zombies Outbreak mode in Season Two. Plus, as a little teaser, Treyarch has revealed Outbreak’s new mini-boss.

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