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Cold War Zombies Outbreak Was Delayed From Launch, Claims Leaker

A reliable leaker claims that Treyarch intended to launch the new Cold War Zombies Outbreak last year.

Cold War Zombies players are always looking forward to new content. There have been rumors surrounding an open-world Zombies game mode for a while.

Now, the huge Warzone Season 2 announcement has finally confirmed the new mode, after Activision accidentally leaked Outbreak early. However, players might have been able to play it way sooner if everything had gone to plan.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak Naga

Cold War Zombies Outbreak Mode Delayed?

With Outbreak set to drop with Cold War Season 2, players don’t have to wait long to experience Zombies on a large scale. However, a reliable leaker has claimed that the Outbreak was delayed from Black Ops Cold War’s launch.

Find out all of the new content coming in Black Ops Cold War Season 2.

According to @ModernWarzone, video game leaker @Okami13_ claims that the Outbreak Zombies mode was supposed to be part of the launch version of Cold War. However, Treyarch delayed it to Season 2.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak Wolf

In a trailer for the mode, players get a glimpse of a zombie wearing a Christmas hat. This shows that Treyarch even prepared Christmas content for the unreleased mode.

It is now known why Treyarch delayed the Cold War Zombies Outbreak mode. However, it can be assumed it is likely due to the development problems encountered because of the ongoing pandemic.

A screenshot of the santa hat wearing zombie is in the tweet below.

Modern Warzone Twitter

Meanwhile, Cold War players are annoyed at a “pay to lose” blueprint that stops players from shooting accurately. Additionally, there is a frustrating glitch that makes the new League Play mode totally unplayable.

Black Ops Cold War players also want to see even more than just the Outbreak mode. Call of Duty fans want this classic map to return in Cold War.

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