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Cold War Zombies Outbreak – How To Avoid Hidden Mimics

A player has discovered a secret trick to avoid hidden Mimic mini-bosses in the new Cold War Zombies Outbreak mode.

Mimics have been causing trouble for Zombies players since they were introduced.

Firebase Z saw their welcoming to the game mode, hiding in place of useful loot and leaping out to surprise players at the last moment. They can sometimes be frustrating, but at the end of the day, they're a clever miniboss that effectively gets the jump on players.

They're also pretty deadly; especially when some Mimics are throwing players through walls.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Avoid Mimics Trick
Black Ops Cold War Zombies' Mimic

Plus, as with many bosses, they're back in the new Outbreak mode. They appear as regular minibosses, and also take the shape of large loot boxes. They'll wait for you to get close, and leap out to attack.

It's frustrating to miss out on good loot, and even more so when you're killed by the Mimic. Good runs can be ended by the Mimic's tricks, and fans are hoping for ways to see them coming.

Luckily, one player has discovered a way to identify loot boxes as hidden Mimics from a distance. It's a clever trick, and one that should keep you from a few unfair deaths.

How To Avoid Oubreak's Hidden Mimics

Posted to the CODZombies subreddit, user yo_gabba_gavin has discovered a tactic to keep secret Outbreak Mimics from ruining your games.

As it turns out, pinging a loot box will advertise it as such on-screen and in the game's chat log. Doing so will leave a "marked loot chest" message on the screen, making sure your teammates are able to identify it.

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However, if the loot chest you're pinging isn't a loot chest at all and rather a Mimic, it won't do so. It will simply identify the location that the ping is marked in.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Avoid Mimics Trick
Cold War Zombies' Outbreak Mode

So, if you're unsure if a chest is a Mimic or a real loot chest, try this trick to catch the Mimics before they can attack you. Simple!

Hopefully, this trick will help you get the jump on those sneaky Outbreak mimics, and avoid those unfair deaths.

The mimic isn't the only boss getting the jump on players. One player has had a terrifying and surprising encounter with the Panzer boss.

Here's all of our guides to the new Outbreak mode so far;

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