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Is This Cold War Zombies Leak Real or Fake? New Maps & More

Has this Cold War Zombies leak revealed all of the upcoming content?

Call of Duty players are always looking for the next new content and this leak could have provided a whole year’s worth of Zombies content.

The leak from 4chan suggests that there is a whole load of new content coming to Zombies soon. However, it may not be accurate.

Let’s hope this new potential content releases glitch-free. Players found a Cranked Zombies bug which lets them freeze the timer.

New Maps for Cold War Zombies?

In addition to mentioning the upcoming Firebase Z map, the leak suggests that five more maps will be coming to Cold War. Here are all of the teased images of Firebase Z.

The leak names and describes what will apparently be the next two maps coming to Cold War Zombies.

Firstly, the leak claims that a new map called Mauer der Toten set in East Berlin will be added. This will feature elements from classic maps Kino Der Toten and Verruckt.

The second Cold War Zombies map supposedly leaked will be set at the summit of a mountain and will be called Spusk Stali.

The supposed leak also says there will be Zombies maps that can be unlocked through future Battle Passes. These maps will apparently be remakes of classic levels from the series, however, this leak seems to be false.

Is the “Leak” Fake?

The Battle Pass containing maps also seems like it would be incorrect. Activision has never put a map behind a Battle Pass before and it wouldn’t make sense to spend a lot of time making a new map to just release it as something players have a specific amount of time to unlock.

Moreover, credible Call of Duty leaker insider Tom Henderson has seemingly debunked the information. His sarcastic tweet shows he believes it is completely false.

Henderson makes a fair point. There is no evidence to proves this leak and no reason to believe an anonymous leaker about upcoming Call of Duty Zombies content.

Whether the leak is real or not, players are still extremely excited for the confirmed new Zombies map. Find out all of the details about the upcoming Firebase Z.

Meanwhile, a new Zombies glitch has introduced dark perks vending machines. But somehow this isn’t the strangest glitch in Black Ops Cold War at the moment.

This player was teleported across the map because of a weird glitch. Let’s hope Activision fixes these issues before the huge Firebase Z release.

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