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Cold War Zombies: How to Get Refined and Flawless Aetherium Crystals

There’s a new currency coming to Black Ops Cold War Zombies in the form of Refined and Flawless Aetherium Crystals. Here’s how to earn them:

When Black Ops Cold War Zombies first launched, players discovered that they could earn Aetherium Crystals for good performance.

Upon reaching certain milestones in Die Maschine or Firebase Z, or successfully escaping the Zombies maps via Exfil, players will get the in-game currency as a reward.

These Raw Aetherium Crystals can be redeemed to upgrade Field Upgrades and other equipment in the lobby. However, Treyarch is adding two new currencies to the game very shortly.

raw aetherium crystal Black Ops Cold War(1)
(Source: Activision)

Refined Aetherium Crystals and Flawless Aetherium Crystals in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

In a recent Black Ops Cold War update, Treyarch revealed the addition of Refined and Flawless Aetherium Crystals.

However, they won’t be as easy to come by as our existing currency. According to the developer, these new higher-tier crystals will be far more difficult to earn.

To get your hands on Refined and Flawless Aetherium Crystals, you’ll need to reach higher rounds in Zombies games. We don’t yet know exactly how long you’ll have to last in-game to get this drop, however.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak
(Source: Activision)

A second method of obtaining Refined and Flawless Aetherium Crystals comes with the new open-world Outbreak Zombies mode. In the new game mode, players will have to complete multiple Outbreak investigations in a single run.

Doing so will grant you some additional currency to spend on upgrades. And it’s worth noting that Refined and Flawless Aetherium Crystals are the only way to upgrade your Perks to Tiers 4 and 5.

Players are happy with the new crystal system, particularly as Cold War Zombies hasn’t been enough of a challenge so far. The Firebase Z boss has been defeated in 4 seconds flat, and Cold War Zombies just isn’t difficult to complete.

Black Ops Cold War Outbreak
(Source: Activision)

Giving experienced players something to work towards, with rewards that the more casual users may not get is sure to make die-hard Zombies fans happy.

But Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer fans aren’t happy at Zombies getting priority in Season 2. In the eyes of some users, Multiplayer isn’t getting the attention it deserves, especially the standard 6v6 modes.

Thankfully, Treyarch is bringing a new bonus map to Cold War Multiplayer, in an effort to keep users satisfied.

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Sunday 21st of February 2021

honestly, they can go screw themselves multiplayer has had nothing but content from day one in zombies we only started with one map and onslaught there's only a small amount of maps as well cranked we recently just got, and is not great so of course, zombie players should get something great and this new mode and a new map will surely keep us motivated for a while. Finding easter eggs and intel to help us along till the next map comes out.