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Cold War Zombies – How To Change Weapon Blueprints Mid-Game

A new feature has been introduced to Black Ops Cold War's Zombies mode that allows players to change the blueprint on their weapon while they're already in a game. Here's how to do it...

Black Ops Cold War has undergone a few minor changes recently. The model of releasing small updates that offer bug fixes and quality-of-life changes has done the game well. It's helped to keep the game in check and make sure the gaming experience is as streamlined as possible.

Some glitches may slip through the cracks, but for the most part, these patches have helped to keep the game running smoothly.

Cold War Zombies Blueprint Menu Introduced
Cold War Zombies' Outbreak Mode

The latest Black Ops Cold War March 25th update had some interesting nuggets in its patch notes.

It comes in the wake of controversies around the early release of Cold War's R1 Shadowhunter crossbow, which have now been remedied for the most part.

And now, a new feature that'll make weapon swaps much easier has been introduced. And it's going to make your Zombies experience much simpler.

Changing Blueprints Mid-Game In Cold War

That's right! Now, during a Zombies game, you can swap the blueprint for the weapons you're using mid-game. Just as you can slightly alter your classes through the pause menu in multiplayer, you can now swiftly change your blueprints for a speedy mix-up of your guns.

It's a welcome addition, and if you have multiple blueprints for your favorite gun or one you simply haven't used in your class, you can easily attach it for easy use during your games.

How To Change Blueprints During A Zombies Game

All you have to do to make the change is head into the pause menu and tick down to the new "change blueprint" tab. Once there, cycle through the blueprint menu to find one you own, and throw it on. It's that simple!

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This could have some interesting applications. In the tweet's replies, Zombies YouTuber MrRoflWaffles raises a fair point.

"Could you clarify - does this mean we can put our camos on guns we get out [of the] mystery box? I'm also kinda confused bc this makes it look like we can just change our attachments (as long as it's to a set in a blueprint) whenever we want also?"

MrRoflWaffles, replying to Treyarch's release announcement tweet

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If you grab a weapon from the mystery box with attachments you don't fancy, it looks like you can change them on the fly if you have a blueprint for it. It'll be interesting to see how this works alongside the pack-a-punch machine's "randomize attachments" function, but we imagine this will be clarified for us soon.

Cold War Zombies Blueprint Menu Introduced
Cold War Zombies' Firebase Z

Who knows how all of this will work together, but either way, it's a great introduction to the mode. Multiplayer's on-the-fly class editing was a great addition to the game's formula, and this looks to be the Zombies equivalent.

It's great news for some, but not so great for those who directly oppose blueprints overall. Many players feel that blueprints are just "pay-to-win" additions to Cold War & Warzone.

On the contrary though, this blueprint is so bad that it's been called "pay-to-lose".

Plus, if you're into those fancy-looking guns, here's the lowdown on Cold War & Warzone's reactive blueprints.

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