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New Cold War Zombies Glitch Adds Dark Perk Vending Machines

Black Ops Cold War Zombies players may have already noticed this weird glitch that adds dark Perk vending machines to the game.

In the latest Black Ops Cold War Zombies glitch, fans are noticing a strange texture bug in the game. It seems that the game’s Perk vending machines are all getting a remodel, at least for this user.

This glitch adds dark versions of the Perk stations to Die Maschine, giving the point shops a sinister vibe. Each one boasts a blank screen and completely black outer coatings.

Black Ops Cold War Perks
(Source: Activision)

It’s not only the Perk machines having this issue, however, and any model with an in-built screen appears to be bugged. According to this glitch’s discoverer, that includes the Reward Stations, computers, and even the Die Maschine Pack-a-Punch.

Dark ‘Diet’ Perk Vending Machines in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Players have taken to referring to these new dark Perk vending machines as ‘diet’ versions of the drinks in Cold War Zombies.

Reddit user riskyfrs was the first to bring this new glitch to our attention. The user posted an image of the new ‘Juggernog Zero’ machine to the CODZombies subreddit.

The account later followed up by showing off all of the game’s Perk machines in their new dark modes. We have to say, some of them look pretty nice this way, if a little sketchy too.

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Thankfully, all the machines still work as normal, even if you do encounter this glitch! The texture bug appears to be an Xbox issue for the time being, with riskyfrs reporting they’re on the Xbox One version of Cold War.

This isn’t the only issue with Die Maschine at the moment, however. In fact, a new Black Ops Cold War Zombies glitch allows players to freeze the Cranked timer.

Hopefully, these glitches will get a fix before the new Firebase Z Cold War Zombies map releases. Here’s everything we know about the next major Zombies map in Cold War.

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