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Cold War Zombies Glitch Lets Players Freeze Cranked Timer

Cold War players have found a new glitch to remove the Cranked Zombies Timer and make the mode way easier.

Black Ops Cold War has been full of glitches ever since the game released. Even the new content isn’t exempt from these problems.

The huge new Mid-Season 1 Update brought a load of new content to Cold War, including the new Cranked Zombies mode. This is an amped-up version of Zombies where the player explodes if they don’t kill an undead before the timer runs out.

However, players have now found a way to completely bypass the timer in Cranked Zombies. This makes the game mode way easier.

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Black Ops Cold War Cranked in Zombies

Cold War Zombies – How to Freeze the Cranked Timer

Zombies content creator Caspahz found a way to completely remove the timer in Cranked.

The first step is to obtain a Chopper Gunner or Cruise Missile support streak. Once you’ve got that, you’ll need to wait for the timer to count down to 3 seconds remaining.

When the timer is at 3 seconds, you need to call in the support streak. However, you should not use it to kill any of the Zombies chasing you.

After doing these steps to call the streak in, the timer will have completely disappeared. This makes Cranked much less frantic and more like a game of regular Zombies.

Caspahz Youtube

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