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Cold War Zombies: How to Get Insane Weapon XP in Outbreak

Black Ops Cold War Zombies has a new game mode, and Outbreak allows players to level up their guns extremely fast, gaining huge weapon XP with ease.

It’s time for a new season of Black Ops Cold War, and that can only mean that there’s some grinding to do.

Whether that’s progressing through the Battle Pass, unlocking new camos, or leveling up your new weapons, there’s always something to work towards.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak
(Source: Activision)

But there’s a new mode that makes grinding your new Black Ops Cold War Season 2 weapons that much easier. We’re referring, of course, to Outbreak.

Cold War Zombies’ new open-world experience is something truly amazing, but it’s also a game mode that can be exploited for insane weapon XP. Here’s how:

How to Level Up Guns Fast in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

If you’re looking to level up your new Season 2 weapons, Cold War Zombies’ Outbreak mode is the best way to do it.

Thanks to how the game mode grants XP, it’s easily the best way to level up your new unlocks. This is particularly true, during the current Black Ops Cold War Double XP period that’s ongoing at the time of writing.

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(Source: Activision)

If you’re looking to get weapon XP as fast as possible to level up your guns, here’s what to do:

  • First, hop into a game of Outbreak. You can do this just fine in Solo, but having 4 players in a match does grant you more XP.
  • Next, grab your weapon of choice and kill off every single zombie in the map.
  • That means driving to every location, killing all the roaming hordes, and triggering further spawns through events and entering houses.
  • Just like in standard Cold War Zombies, players amass weapon XP more quickly in earlier rounds of the game. Therefore, you’ll quickly rack up XP near the beginning of Outbreak, thanks to the sheer volume of zombies on the map.
  • Grab Perks like Stamin-up and Deadshot Daiquiri, in order to make the zombie-killing process quicker. Thankfully, you can get free Perks in Cold War Zombies’ Outbreak mode.
  • Since you’re earning so many points and salvage, you’ll be able to Pack-a-Punch your gun and upgrade its rarity. No matter how far you go in the game, you should be completely overpowered because of this.
  • However, the weapon XP does begin to drop off around Round 3. Therefore, after completing the third main objective in the game, it’s time to leave and collect your weapon XP.

Just by doing this process once, YouTuber Caspahz was able to take the Fara 83 from level 1 to level 40. You can also unlock camos with this method, with similar speed.

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