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Firebase Z Mimics Glitch Is Throwing Players Through Walls

A new glitch caused by the new Mimic mini-boss is glitching players through walls in the new Cold War Zombies map, Firebase Z.

Boss characters in Call of Duty Zombies have been hit-or-miss in the past.

George A Romero's appearance in the Call of the Dead map was a treat for fans. His legendary status paired with his excellent design made him a great adversary, and one of the game mode's best-favored bosses.

The Pentagon Thief, however, was a nightmare for fans upon his arrival. An absurdly fast scientist who steals your weapons and runs away caused fury in players and many felt his addition to the game broke the balance of the gameplay.

Especially though, Zombies has had a history with bosses that take players elsewhere on the map. The Cosmonaut from Black Ops' Moon is a notable example, grabbing the player and teleporting them elsewhere on the map, taking one of their perks in the process.

It's an interesting game mechanic, and players have use it to their advantage. But, a new traversal technique has arrived with a new mini-boss. And something tells us it isn't exactly intentional.

Firebase Z's Mimic Glitch

A player on the Call of Duty Zombies subreddit has discovered a new glitch. It takes place on Firebase Z, the new free Zombies map introduced with the Cold War 1.11 update.

Call of duty cold war zombies firebase z wall glitch
Cold War Zombies' Firebase Z

Doctor Peck informs the player to return to mission control through the teleporter at spawn. They're currently inside a building next to the teleporter and need to traverse it to get there.

Right as they turn to go down a flight of stairs, the new Mimic mini-boss spawns beside them. It's a cheap spawn-point, but it ends up benefitting the player rather well.

The Mimic picks the player up ready to deliver a devastating attack. But, in doing so, ends up pushing the player through the outside wall of the building.

The player falls down on the outside of building. They land directly next to the teleporter, exactly where they were heading in the first place.

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It's a strange glitch, yet it's one that could actually have some practical applications. One commenter on the Reddit post suggested that it could be useful in speedruns, and if it's possible to force Mimic spawns, it could be a legitimate strategy.

call of duty black ops cold war firebase z wall glitch
Cold War Zombies' Firebase Z

Unfortunately, this is not the only glitch that has been found on Firebase Z. One player has had their game broken by falling straight through the ground.

If you're just getting started with Firebase Z and are looking to sharpen your skills, our collection of guides should help. To get you started, here's how to turn on the power and activate the Pack-A-Punch in the new Zombies map.

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