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Cold War & Warzone Double Weapon XP Event Coming Soon

Get your weapons ready, Cold War and Warzone is getting a Double Weapon XP event soon.

Treyarch has announced in a new tweet that a Double Weapon XP Event is coming to Black Ops Cold War. The XP bonus will also extend to Warzone.

Double Weapon XP events are the best time for players to level up their guns.

However, players should note that their Double Weapon XP tokens do not stack with the event’s Double XP. Save your tokens for another time as you can’t get your weapon XP any higher than double.

To make the most of the Double Weapon XP, find out what are the fastest ways to level up weapons in Cold War and Warzone.

The Double Weapon XP Event coincides with the Free Zombies Access Week coming to Cold War soon.

Cold War Double Weapon XP

When is the Double Weapon XP Event?

Treyarch put out a new tweet announcing when the Double Weapon XP Event starts.

The XP event will begin at 10AM PT on Friday January 15. It will run all the way through the weekend and end on Tuesday January 19th, also at 10 AM PT.

This will give players plenty of time to level up any guns that they haven’t already. Be sure to set enough time aside to make the most of the Double Weapon XP.

Treyarch Twitter

As well as Double Weapon XP, there is a huge new Mid-Season 1 update coming. Find out about the new map and game modes being added to Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War is currently suffering from a number of glitches. Hit registration is completely broken in Black Ops Cold War.

A ridiculous glitch with the Gung-Ho perk in Cold War is also annoying players. Treyarch has still not fixed this issue, despite it being a problem since Cold War launched.

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