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Black Ops Cold War 1.11 Update Stealth Nerfs Bunny Hop

One of Call of Duty’s most iconic moves, the Bunny Hop, has been stealth nerfed in the new Cold War update.

While it’s not a recognized military move, the bunny hop has become an important part of Call of Duty. The move where players jump when aiming-down-sights and use their momentum to ‘hop’ makes players very hard to hit.

Call of Duty players have used this move for years, yet this update seems to have made the move almost useless.

Black Ops Cold War Miami

Cold War Bunny Hop Nerf?

The latest Black Ops Cold War patch 1.11 brought the new Firebase Z Zombies map, alongside loads of other content. However, one change not included in the patch notes was a nerf to the Bunny Hop move.

Pro COD players are complaining that they feel like they are “stuck in the mud” after jumping now. Therefore, the Bunny Hop is now almost totally useless in Cold War.

A Twitch video from former pro player Maux shows how useless the Bunny Hop has become since they stealth nerfed it in the latest patch. After an initial jump, players can barely move, let alone hop again.

However, pro COD players have also noticed another change to Cold War’s movement. According to pro player for Dallas Empire iLLeY, sliding is now faster than it used to be.

This is certainly a very strange time to implement movement changes as the CDL starts next week. If Treyarch planned to do this before the CDL season began, why did they not do it earlier so players could get used to the new movement?

League Play is also finally being added to Cold War next week too, so CDL fans can get used to the rules before the new season starts.

CDL fans can also see what their favorite teams will be wearing. Cold War and Warzone’s 2021 CDL skins have leaked early.

Meanwhile, Warzone got a new update that fixes one of the game’s most frustrating glitches.

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