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Cold War Thermal Scope Glitch Will Be Fixed By Treyarch

Treyarch says they will fix a strange thermal scope glitch in Black Ops Cold War as part of a “major update”

This strange new glitch shows that a player’s thermal scope is not switched on in Black Ops Cold War. No, they haven’t just forgotten to change the batteries.

This is just one of many glitches harming Black Ops Cold War at the moment. Cold War had a difficult launch and there are still many issues that need to be ironed out.

Many Call of Duty players are even being annoyed by the latest broken patch. Black Ops Cold War’s 1.75 update is crashing players’ consoles.

Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Miami

Cold War Thermal Scope Broken?

Usually, the thermal scope in Cold War would appear a blue-purple color and highlight enemies in bright orange. However, this player had none of the thermal imaging when he aimed down sights.

Some eagle-eyed commenters spotted that the player had been in the radius of a jammer. Yet, the scope still wasn’t working after he left the jammer’s radius.

This made the thermal scope completely pointless as it just seemed like a totally normal scope when aiming down sights. Thermal scopes help with target acquisition, but when not working properly it is worse than a standard scope.

Treyarch To Fix Black Ops Glitches

Treyarch has responded to the thermal scope glitch. Their community manager Josh Torres said that the Treyarch team has seen the issue and that they are also “tracking a fix for this in a future major update”.

It is certainly encouraging to see Treyarch respond to members of the Cold War community about glitches. The developer should definitely continue its clear communication.

A major update is promising for Cold War players who have has to deal with a lot of glitches ever since the game launched.

For instance, this Cold War melee exploit somehow lets players fly. Also, this new Cold War glitch makes killing zombies so much easier. Find out how to freeze the timer in Cranked Zombies.

On the other hand, glitches have even been leaking content early. This Cold War bug might have revealed an upcoming scorestreak. Meanwhile, a Fire Team Dirty Bomb glitch may have revealed Warzone’s upcoming map.

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