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Cold War Season 6 Early Patch Notes, File Size & Release Date/Time

Check out everything coming in Black Ops Cold War Season 6. There are Multiplayer maps, new weapons, a returning operator as well as loads of Zombies content!

The final season of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is almost here and it is jam-packed with content. It looks like Cold War is going out with a bang!

Check out everything coming in the Black Ops Cold War Season 6 update below.

When is Cold War Season 6 Coming Out?

Black Ops Cold War Season 6 will release on October 7. This will follow an update on October 5 at 9 PM PT.

Unfortunately, the file sizes for Season 6 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC are not available yet. However, we will update the article as soon as this information is confirmed.

Cold War Warzone Roadmap Season 6

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season 6 Update Early Patch Notes

Here are all of the new Multiplayer maps, Zombies content, weapons, and operators coming in the new season of Cold War.

Deprogram Multiplayer Map

The first Multiplayer map coming in Cold War Season 6 is Deprogram. This crazy map is built from Adler’s jumbled memories and features Red Doors that teleport you across the battle arena.

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Cold War Season 6 Deprogram Map

Amerika Multiplayer Map

A more conventional map, Amerika is a mock-up of a traditional American ‘Main Street’. Featuring a pizzeria and theater, this map wouldn’t be complete without ‘Burger Town’ – a Call of Duty classic.

Cold War Season 6 Amerika Map

Gluboko 2v2, 3v3 Map

An underground vault in the KGB HQ, Gluboko is made for some very close-quarters combat. Like other small maps, this has been designed for Gunfight and Face Off game modes.

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Cold War Season 6 Gluboko Map

Forsaken Zombies Map, Chrysalax Wonder Weapon

Possibly the highlight of the Season 6 update, Forsaken is the final Cold War Zombies map. While we have only had a brief glimpse at the map, Treyarch has already teased the new Forsaken Zombies miniboss.

What’s more, it will feature a shapeshifting Wonder Weapon called the ‘Chrysalax’. Many players believe this could be the most powerful Zombies weapon yet.

Cold War Zombies Season 6 Forsaken Map

ARC-XD & Hand Cannon Zombies Support Weapons & PhD Slider Perk

Season 6 will also be introducing two new Zombies Support Weapons. The ARC-XD is an aether-powered RC-XD while Multiplayer fans will know the Hand Cannon very well – it’s just a mega-powerful revolver!

Long-time Zombies fans will also recognize the new perk. PhD Slider is much like the old PhD Flopper Perk, but instead of flopping, you need to slide – pretty self-explanatory right?

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Cold War Zombies Hand Cannon

‘The Haunting’ Halloween Event

If you’re still after more horror, then the upcoming Halloween event will surely be spooky enough for you. While we only know the release date of ‘The Haunting’ in Cold War, rumors have revealed what kind of content to expect.

Rumors suggest that a Donnie Darko operator skin is coming for Halloween in Cold War. What’s more, ‘The Haunting’ event has already been teased in Nuketown.

Warzone & Cold War 'The Haunting' Event

Alex Mason Operator

The new operator in Cold War Season 6 is a certified classic Black Ops character. That’s right, original Black Ops protagonist Alex Mason is finally coming back!

Here’s how you can unlock Alex Mason as an operator in Cold War.

Alex Mason Operator

Grav Assault Rifle

The first weapon coming in Cold War Season 6 is the brand-new Grav assault rifle. This weapon has the fastest bullet velocity in the game, alongside some decent damage, but you’ll have to learn how to control the recoil.

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Warzone Cold War Season 6 Grav Weapon

.410 Ironhide Shotgun

The .410 Ironhide is a close-range powerhouse. With the ability to one-shot enemies up close, enemies will think twice before rushing you.

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Ironhide Warzone Season 6

Battle Axe Melee Weapon

Finally, the melee weapon coming in Season 6 is a Battle Axe. Get medieval and chop your enemies down with an old-school axe!

Warzone Cold War Season 6 Battle Axe Melee Weapon

And that is everything coming in the huge Black Ops Cold War Season 6 update. Make sure to check out the Call of Duty Blog for all of the details.

Despite the update, most Call of Duty fans are just thinking about Vanguard. Unfortunately, however, leaks have revealed that Vanguard may not launch with a Zombies mode.

This would be a major disappointment as fans are excited that Treyarch is developing Vanguard Zombies. What’s more, the Dark Aether storyline will continue.

Finally, a leaker has revealed the Cold War Season 6 Reloaded and Vanguard Season 1 release dates. Keep those dates clear!

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