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Cold War Season 3 Maps Leak Revealing Fan-Favorite Remake

A leaker has revealed the new maps coming in Black Ops Cold War Season 3.

Call of Duty fans were disappointed ta the game’s lack of maps at launch, but every season Treyarch adds more. Since launch, fan-favorite remakes like Nuketown ’84, Raid, and Express have been added, alongside new maps Apocalypse and The Pines.

However, Cold War Season 3 could feature the most exciting maps yet, if this leak is to believed.

raid black ops cold war

Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Maps

There have already been many leaks for Cold War Season 3. Here’s every Cold War Season 3 leak so far.

However, a new tweet from reliable Call of Duty leaker @TheGhostofMW has now revealed the next maps coming to Black Ops Cold War. While he cannot confirm that this leak is 100% true, it would certainly be interesting to see these maps.

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These are the maps that are supposedly coming in Cold War Season 3.


Standoff is one of the all-time great Call of Duty maps. The map based in a small town initially appeared in Black Ops II, but was remade with a Western theme and renamed Outlaw and it also appeared as part of Ghost Town in the Blackout map.

If it does arrive in Cold War Season 3, then that will make it its fourth appearance in the franchise. However, fans have been asking for a Standoff remake for ages so they won’t be disappointed.

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Standoff Black Ops II


The other map supposedly arriving in Cold War Season 3 is called Ecehelon.

It is a new map, but leaks suggest it will be very familiar to fans of the Call of Duty franchise. Previous leaks have suggested that the map will incorporate features from a few classic COD maps.

Apparently, the map will be set on top of a building, much like Modern Warfare 2’s Highrise and Black Ops 2’s Vertigo. It will supposedly also feature two Domes like the one found in the Modern Warfare 3 map Dome.

Hopefully, these will be the two new maps coming in the new season. Find out the start date for Cold War and Warzone Season 3 here.

Dome Modern Warfare 3

Meanwhile, Cold War has banned some Zombies players for being too good. What is the Sail 630 Nuclear bug?

Also, it’s not looking good for the next Call of Duty game. Apparently, last-gen consoles will hold back WWII Vanguard.

Finally, it looks like some new Zombies content is on the way. It looks like a new Outbreak map called Duga will be coming in Season 3 alongside an exciting new zombies field upgrade called Toxic Growth.

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