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Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Reloaded Update Early Install Available

The Season 2 Reloaded update for Black Ops Cold War has started to appear from some players, letting them install it early.

Call of Duty players have become accustomed to seasonal updates in the games. However, the mid-season updates also add a lot of new content to the game too.

Black Ops Cold War is almost halfway through its second season now, so an update is right around the corner. Find out how you can pre-load the update, the file size, and also the time you can install it here.

Black Ops Cold War

How To Pre-Install Cold War Season 2 Reloaded

Some Black Ops Cold War players on PS4 are able to pre-load the Season 2 Reloaded patch early. This will be handy so that they can play the new content as soon as it released.

The new content for Season 2 includes huge, and very needed, weapon balancing updates. It will also release with the new Mansion map for Cold War multiplayer.

Players on PS4 can check for the update by pressing to options button on Black Ops Cold War and selecting 'Check for Update'. You should then be able to update the game from there.

Black Ops Cold War season 2 crossbow

The update will then automatically pre-install at 9 PM PST on March 29. Players on other platforms will probably also be able to pre-load this update before it is released.

The release date has not been set yet, but the Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Reloaded will most likely officially release in the next couple of days.

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Mid Season Update File Size

At the moment, PS4 seems to be the only platform that players can pre-download the Season 2 Reloaded update on. So, the update size won't be exactly the same for all platforms.

According to PS4 players who can already download it, the update is 7.3 GBs. This is a relatively small update for Call of Duty so players should be able to install this update without having to make any space on their hard drive.

The updates for other platforms, including next-gen systems should also be a similar size. Therefore, there's probably no need to free up loads of space in advance.

Previous information about Season 2 Reloaded suggests that the PS5 update size will be smaller though. Find out everything we know about Season 2 Reloaded so far, including the release date.


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