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Cold War Rifles Have Overpowered Movement Speed in Warzone

Why do Cold War rifles have such quick movement speed in Warzone?

Movement is key in Warzone. Whether it’s getting across the map quickly or making yourself hard to hit, good movement helps with it all.

Therefore, players will want to move as fast as they can to give themselves an advantage over other players.

However, Cold War assault rifles move way quicker than they should do…


Cold War ARs Have Insane Movement Speed in Warzone

In his latest video, Warzone weapons tester JGOD tested the movement speed of weapons in Warzone and found that the Cold War assault rifles move way quicker than Modern Warfare weapons and even Cold War SMGs.

While players may love the weapon balancing in Warzone Season 3, movement speed is a major problem threatening the balance.

The Season 3 patch notes brought loads of changes to weapons and attachments, but the QBZ’s increased movement speed is insane. The maximum strafe while firing speed for the QBZ is over 4.2m/s, whereas the RAM-7 has a strafe while firing speed of just over 2.5m/s.

Check out this Zero Recoil QBZ Loadout in Warzone Season 3.

Additionally, all of the Cold War assault rifles have faster sprinting and walking movement speeds than Modern Warfare weapons in Warzone too.

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Double Rifle Meta?

This fast movement speed and mobility for the Cold War assault rifles has led to players using an AR instead of an SMG for close-range engagements.

This is a major problem for Warzone as it makes ARs way too versatile. In addition to the similar movement speed and TTK, to SMGs, they also have much greater bullet velocity and damage range.

For instance, the most overpowered weapon in Warzone right now is a hard-hitting assault rifle which also has a faster strafe firing movement speed than the MAC-10!

Alternatively, you could use this best close-range XM4 loadout in Warzone for some very fast mobility.

JGOD suggests to make the movement speeds more balanced, the additional firing speed should be removed from attachments like the Raider Stock. Hopefully, Raven will change this in an update soon.

Meanwhile, Warzone has a major wall glitch problem at the moment. Luckily, Raven Software is issuing a fix for this soon.

Also, a gun with great movement speed won’t stop other Warzone players from stunning you. However, this amazing stun grenade counter will help you get out of sticky situations.

Finally, new reports suggest that Warzone’s SBMM is getting some huge changes. Will this finally make your lobbies easier?

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