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Black Ops Cold War Players Want a Major Knife Buff

Black Ops Cold War players say the knife needs a hit detection buff right now.

As a shooter, Call of Duty has always been about guns. However, one of the most underused weapon types is close combat.

The starting melee weapon players have access to in Cold War is the knife. It is simple yet effective, with a one-hit kill in multiplayer, but getting that hit is deceptively difficult.

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Bulldozer Black Ops Cold War

Cold War Knife Hits Not Registering?

A new clip on Reddit has sparked a movement with the aim of getting the knife buffed in Cold War. The post has over 1000 upvotes so far, so clearly many other players feel the same way.

The clip shows a player in Black Ops Cold War hiding in a doorway with a knife, waiting for an enemy. He then catches the enemy unaware and tries to stab him with the knife from point-blank range, but the hit doesn’t register.

The player then charges at the enemy to try and stab him again. This hit also looks like it should register, but doesn’t. The unlucky knife wielder is then easily shot and killed, showing one of Cold War’s most annoying problems.

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Many players in the replies to the Reddit post also believe that the knife should get a buff to its hit detection range. Surely that’s the only thing Treyarch can do to fix this and make the knife viable?

jamesswazz Reddit

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