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Cold War Players Rage at League Play Quitters

Cold War League Play has a big problem with players leaving games early and players are angry about it.

Teammates quitting games is annoying at the best of times, but in a competitive mode, it is totally infuriating.

Many players have experienced their teammates quitting and costing them the match as well as valuable ranking points. However, this unlucky player had a game completely ruined by quitters before the game had even begun.

Cold War League Play Empty Lobby

Reddit user Astheniternal posted a screenshot of his League Play Lobby before the match had even started. He was the only player on his team before the first round had even started and was playing against an opposing team that also wasn’t full.

This isn’t the only reason why fans are angry at the new game mode. Cold War players hate League Play already for these reasons.

Being stuck in a League Play game with no teammates is a terrible situation to be in. Either you quit too and get a points penalty or waste 10 minutes of your day losing a match against a full team, which also causes you to lose ranking points.

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While players get a points penalty for quitting games, this doesn’t seem to be enough to discourage players from quitting matches sometimes.

However, one player in the replies suggested a change to League Play that could stop players from quitting.

Meanwhile, Treyarch Game Design Director David Vonderhaar has already addressed the concerns of some players about League Play.

Black Ops Cold War League Play(1)

The Change that League Play Needs?

Redditor ExfilBravo suggested that Treyarch could implement a timed ban system for players like many other competitive games have.

For instance, quitters could also be banned from matchmaking for a period of time, in addition to the points deduction. This would certainly help decrease the number of players who leave games of League Play and ruin it for other players.

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