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Cold War Players Are Furious At Expensive New Execution

Black Ops Cold War players are extremely annoyed at a new expensive in-game execution. After another poor decision from Treyarch, players are furious with a new content bundle that contains a lazily designed execution.

The vast majority of the Cold War community believes that Treyarch's focus for Black Ops Cold War is in the wrong areas. Bundles and cosmetic items appear to be where Treyarch is paying the most attention.

However, a new cosmetic bundle in the store has left some players feeling quite frustrated. A new and expensive execution in Cold War is causing quite a lot of controversy right now. Take a look for yourself at the new cosmetic bundle which is fueling player's anger.

Cold War Players Hate This New Expensive Execution

A new bundle that has recently arrived in the Call of Duty store for Black Ops Cold War is causing problems in the community. It looks like Cold War players cannot catch a break with the game at the moment. Amongst poor decision-making from Treyarch, weapon balancing issues, and a whole host of bugs and glitches.

Although Treyarch has recently updated their game, and there plans on the way to introduce new and important changes. Take a look at Black Ops Cold War's March 25 update patch notes for all of the recent changes to the game.

However, this new bundle really highlights how out-of-touch Treyarch currently is with the Cold War. The 'Cavalry's Finest' bundle contains a number of new cosmetic items for players to enjoy. The issue comes, however, with the new expensive execution.

Cold War Execution
(Source: Activision)

The 'Throat Cut' execution might seem like an exciting new finisher to use, but eagle-eyed Cold War players have been able to spot something untoward. Interestingly enough, the execution looks remarkably similar to the execution 'Sneak Attack', which comes with the game as default.

Treyarch may have other priorities right now, given that Black Ops Cold War's Mansion map is set to release next week in a new update. But this isn't really a valid excuse for their laziness with this latest bundle.

In fact, you would be hard-pressed to spot a substantial difference between the two finishing moves. Understandably, players are quite angry at Treyarch's audacity to charge full price for an execution that already appears to be in the game.

Cold War Cosmetic Bundle Causes Frustration

Furthermore, it looks like Black Ops Cold War Season 3 weapons have leaked early. Treyarch may be focusing on other content right now, but this does not excuse lazy or underwhelming cosmetic bundles. This is further exasperated by the price, which continues to remain high.

The Reddit community is understandably very frustrated at Cold War's expensive execution addition. Take a look below at this post to see exactly what the community thinks of the recent cosmetic bundle:

(Source: Reddit)

What do you think of this new addition? Is it worth the price or are Treyarch becoming increasingly laxer with their content updates? Let us know in the comments.

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Furthermore, a Black Ops Cold War gunship glitch is causing some players to have thermal vision. Whilst certainly unintentional, it is a very powerful glitch.

Finally, Black Ops Cold War's new Miami Strike map is coming soon. The new and updated Miami is sure to keep fans entertained for a while.

We will continue to keep you updated on any Call of Duty news, updates, leaks, and discussion. Stay tuned for more information both now and in the future.

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