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Cold War Players Already Have The Shadowhunter R1 Crossbow

It appears that some players are already using Cold War's crossbow weapon in a rather unexpected turn of events. Fans have noticed that some already have access to the unreleased weapon.

It might seem a bit early, however, some players have managed to spot the appearance of Cold War's crossbow in-game. It looks like some have found a way to use the weapon ahead of its release.

Here is what we know about the appearance of Cold War's crossbow in the latest COD installment.

Black Ops Cold War - Shadowhunter R1 Crossbow

It might seem like a rather bizarre sighting, considering the weapon hasn't actually released yet, but it appears that Cold War's crossbow has been seen in-game by players.

A while ago the Crossbow was confirmed to be coming to Black Ops Cold War Season 2 in a major leak. Although right now the weapon hasn't yet arrived, players have still spotted it in multiplayer lobbies.

But how can this be the case? Interestingly enough, Black Ops Cold War Season 2's Crossbow has been found in Warzone. It could mean that the weapon might be arriving in-game soon.

Black Ops Cold War Warzone Season 2 Weapon - R1 Shadowhunter Crossbow
(Source: Activision)

If Warzone players currently have access to an unreleased crossbow, it looks like Cold War players have also found a way to access it too. The method to get one, however, is vastly different.

Whilst you are waiting for the official release of Cold War's Shadowhunter R1 crossbow, you may want to check out the XM4. According to Call of Duty pro players, the XM4 is overpowered in Black Ops Cold War right now.

Black Ops Cold War - Crossbow Sighted By Players

You are probably asking yourself, how have Cold War players got their hands on the crossbow if it isn't even in the game yet? Well, we have the answer for you.

According to some Reddit users, Cold War's Shadowhunter R1 crossbow is in game, however, the means of getting one is actually not what you would expect.

To explain, it appears that the crossbow is actually making an appearance via unconventional means. Players have noted that the crossbow is only available right now, via modding.

Cold War
(Source: Activision)

In the Reddit post, which you can see down below, users note that the files for the crossbow actually already exist. However, by using modding software a number of players have been able to access it earlier.

Activision is aware of this issue, so we really don't recommend you give this a try yourself. In fact, we would advise you to wait until the new weapon is officially released before giving it a go.

Take a look at the post for yourself, to see exactly what players are making of the crossbow addition in Cold War.

(Source: Reddit)

As you can see, it looks like players have managed to grab the new weapon through unconventional means. Perhaps not a strategy available to most players, but still it's fun to see the weapon in-game.

Black Ops Cold War - Season 3 Content Update Coming Soon

Currently, players have Season 2 to keep them entertained, and the official release of the crossbow to look forward to. However, Season 3 is also on the horizon and with it, there will be even more content.

There are rumors that the next COD Warzone map will actually feature on the Cold War engine. Check out what the reaction from the community is regarding this change.

There are a number of Cold War players that want to see the return of this classic feature. Perhaps Season 3 may be able to deliver on this much-requested feature.

Furthermore, Treyarch has teased new zombies content coming for Season 3. It looks like there are even more planned content updates for Zombies coming relatively soon.

If you want to know how to get double weapon XP and exclusive items in Cold War and Warzone, we've got you covered. Just bear in mind there is a double weapon XP glitch causing havoc at the moment.

Finally, Cold War's E-tool is the worst weapon in the game. Check out what people think about the latest addition to the game. It looks like players are not having a good time with it.

We will continue to keep you updated regarding any new Call of Duty news, updates, rumors, or leaks. Stay tuned for more information both now and in the future.

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