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Cold War Player Finds Secret Image Hidden Under the Map

This secret image is probably the weirdest thing players have found hidden in Black Ops Cold War.

Call of Duty is known for having many secrets Easter Eggs. This one might be the strangest yet though.

Usually, when players fall below the map in any game, they will fall endlessly. However, this player ended up finding some secrets hidden underneath.

Cold War Hidden Image

The Secret Image Hidden in Cold War

This player could be the first person to ever find this strange image hidden under a Cold War campaign mission.

The glitch involves getting outside of the map in a particular campaign mission – “Break on Through.” The player then found an empty grassy field with objects in it.

Secret Image Black Ops Cold War
(Source: Reddit)

This photorealistic field is a very strange thing to find and contains a few objects too. It’s also a complete 360-degree picture.

In the field, the player found a sign which had the date and time as well as sun and shadow angles. There was also a bag and a bottle of Gatorade elsewhere.

Players theorize that the secret image may be so the developers had some lighting references while they were making the game.

Gatorade in Black Ops Cold War
(Source: Reddit)

It was most likely added during development for quick access to lighting. The developer thought nobody would find it so they left it in the game.

Fans also decided on the Reddit post that the Gatorade probably belonged to the cameraperson. Nothing too exciting then.

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