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Cold War Outbreak – New Tombstone Soda Glitch Is Breaking Games

A new glitch has been discovered that forces Outbreak players out of bounds as a result of the Tombstone Soda perk.

Tombstone Soda is a controversial perk.

It joined the Call of Duty franchise with Black Ops Cold War, and since then has been a hotly debated subject in the world of Zombies.

Borrowing its effects from different perks like Who's Who, the perk is designed to assist players who are downed in battle. The player enters a "spirit" mode of sorts and gives them an opportunity to find their body to revive it.

It's a curious perk, and one that many players aren't a fan of. But, it's definitely one of the perks that Cold War Zombies fans have to upgrade first!

Cold War Zombies Outbreak Tombstone Soda Glitch
Cold War Zombies' Tombstone Soda

But now, it's causing even more controversy. one player has discovered a game-breaking glitch that comes as a side-effect of the perk.

It's not the only perk causing problems in Zombies right now; a big glitch concerning the Juggernog perk is causing major issues.

Zombies Outbreak's Game-Breaking Tombstone Soda Glitch

Reddit user DarknessRain posted the clip of their unfortunate glitch in the CODZombies subreddit.

As the player runs into the train station Outbreak's Golova map to collect a new perk, zombies appear behind them.

When the player turns around, a horde of zombies takes them by surprise. They hardly had a chance to fight back, and now it's up to their Tombstone Soda perk to give them the chance to get back up.

But, something is wrong. In their spirit form, the player re-enters the battlefield but finds themselves in the attic of the train station.

Cold War Zombies Outbreak Tombstone Soda Glitch
Cold War Zombies' Outbreak Mode

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Forced into the ceiling, they are unable to escape. They are doomed to wait in the attic until one of their teammates revives them, or they simply die and time out.

Luckily, there are other players in the game to control the disaster. But the problem is that this glitch could creep up on any player, and if they're in a solo game, that will make their game an automatic loss.

It's a huge issue, and one that needs to be remedied ASAP. After all, it's not the first time we've seen Tombstone Soda breaking Call of Duty Zombies.

Outbreak lends itself well to very long games. Outbreak games can last for hours on end, and this glitch seriously endangers high-round runs.

Sadly, it's not the only glitch causing problems in the new Zombies mode. Many players have had their Outbreak games ruined by lost connection issues.

If you need help seeking out all that Outbreak has to offer, we have you covered. Here are our guides to mastering the new Zombies map:

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