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Cold War Zombies TranZit Remake Leaks In Outbreak Mode

A new leak has suggested that Cold War could be getting a remake of BO2’s classic TranZit map. New information may have confirmed that TranZit is the next map to make an appearance in Outbreak mode.

Outbreak mode is the latest update for Black Ops Cold War, but fans may have already discovered what is coming next to the new open-world style Zombie experience.

Players who have experienced the glory days of COD Zombies may want to pay attention to this leak which implies Cold War could be getting a TranZit remaster.

Cold War Zombies Outbreak Mode – New Leak

A new leak for Cold War Zombies Outbreak mode may have revealed what is coming in Season 3. The rumor comes from a pre-existing leak that was circulating even before Cold War’s release.

The leak was proven to be credible, correctly predicting very specific information such as the name of the Firebase Z update and the new field upgrades for Cold War.

Now, the COD community is revisiting this leak in order to see what they can discover about Cold War’s Season 3 update. Interestingly, players noted that the leak suggests a classic Black Ops 2 map could make a return.

Cold War Outbreak Mode - Leak
(Source: Activision)

Interestingly, Treyarch has already teased new Black Ops Cold War Zombies content coming in Season 3. However, it appears they are keeping the rest of their plans close to their chest.

Players may note that the Outbreak map consists of three existing fireteam maps: Alpine, Ruka, and Golova. These are all imported maps from Cold War’s multiplayer and are not specifically designed for Zombies.

Treyarch has confirmed that they want to expand heavily on the Outbreak game mode, adding new maps which are built from scratch and designed for the Zombies experience.

Furthermore, the leak has also hinted at Treyarch’s plan for the new Outbreak Mode Easter Egg coming in Season 3. There are many exciting changes coming to Outbreak mode in the future.

The community is hard at work speculating on why TranZit is ripe to make a triumphant return. Check out the latest Black Ops Cold War TranZit leak just below.

Cold War Zombies Outbreak – TranZit Map Leak

The latest leak for Black Ops Cold War concerns the rather polarising TranZit map from Black Ops 2. For those that remember, TranZit was an unusual take on the Zombies experience.

A leak that surfaced before Cold War was even released included one key phrase which has shed light on what could be coming next. The phrase in question was “TranZit won’t be there at Cold War’s launch”.

It is very likely that the map will be making an appearance, given that the leak was correct about a number of key details. By revisiting the leak fans have found that a Cold War’s TranZit remaster could be in development.

COD TranZit
(Source: Treyarch)

TranZit featured a somewhat similar experience to what Outbreak mode currently offers. Featuring semi-open world-style gameplay that could be considered a very early prototype to Outbreak.

Players were able to traverse to new areas via an iconic bus, although, the map itself was often viewed with frustration. However, the Zombies mode has changed considerably since Black Ops 2.

Given the changes that Outbreak mode has brought with it, many believe that Tranzit is ready to make a return. The new objective-based Zombies would work perfectly within TranZit’s map.

Perhaps instead of being driven by bus, players themselves will be able to drive the bus as part of a squad. Navigating through TranZit with a souped-up bus could be a fantastic way to unite both old and new Zombies players.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies – Season 2 Update

Black Ops Season 2 is well underway, with Outbreak mode keeping Zombies fans entertained. Perhaps fans can look forward to more exciting suprises before Season 3’s arrival.

Black Ops Season 2 Reloaded may have been revealed in another leak. This could spell even more new content for Cold War fans. Make sure to check it out for more information.

Furthermore, a new Cold War Outbreak secret has been revealed about a Zombie mini-boss. Alongside this, the new Samantha Maxis skin is causing many players to go invisible.

You may be lucky enough to come across this bug, which is giving Cold War Zombies players billions of free Aetherium Crystals. Alternatively, check out our guide on the best way to get Flawless and Refined Aetherium fast.

In other news, another Cold War glitch has been discovered which allows players to carry both the Ray Gun and R.A.I K-84 at the same time. If you’re looking for additional firepower, we recommend giving it a try.

You can check out the video down below, courtesy of COD Zombies HQ on Youtube for more information about the Cold War Tranzit leak.

(Source: Youtube)

We will continue to keep you posted regarding any new Black Ops Cold War updates, leaks, and rumors. Stay tuned for the latest information regarding Call of Duty titles.

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