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Cold War Mid-Season 1 Update: Release Date, New Map & New Modes

The Black Ops Cold War mid-season update is coming soon, featuring a whole load of new content for players to enjoy.

Treyarch has finally announced the release date for the huge new Mid-Season 1 update and it’s coming sooner than players thought.

The update will include new content including a new map and new game modes. However, they haven’t mentioned anything about fixing Cold War’s biggest problem, which ruins the game for loads of players.

New Fireteam Map: Sanatorium

Cold War’s Mid-Season 1 Update will bring players to the new Sanatorium Map. Set in the Ural Mountains, there’s every chance this could be part of the long-rumored new Warzone map.

Centered around a huge brutalist Sanatorium, the map will also feature a lake and a dock. Players will also be able to use the new Tactical Raft vehicle to speed across the lake and traverse the map quickly.

Black Ops Cold War Mid-Season Update

New 6v6 Multiplayer Mode: Dropkick

Dropkick is a high-stakes fight over a super-powerful briefcase containing nuclear launch codes. After a rush to grab the briefcase, teams will have to protect the carrier to gain points.

The carrier also gets equipped with a mega-powerful pistol to fight off enemies trying to steal their briefcase. The first team to 200 points launches a nuke to win the game.

This exciting new mode should get players looking forward to the Mid-Season update for Cold War.

New Cold War Zombies Mode: Cranked

Cranked is even more frantic than your standard game of Zombies. Players will need to constantly kill undead to stop the countdown clock from reaching zero.

If the timer runs out, the game ends with the player exploding. The mode also has a special Cranked power-up which will give players a well-needed break.

Players are hoping that Sniper Rifles get buffed in Zombies before Cranked goes live in the Mid-Season 1 Update.

Cold War Mid-Season 1 Update Release Date

Treyarch has announced in their new patch notes that the update will be released on January 14.

This will be a full update that players have to download, rather than one of the small hotfixes that update when the game is laucnhed.

A new playlist update is also live in Black Ops Cold War, featuring exciting new game modes. Don’t worry though, Nuketown is staying for now.

There has been a lot of controversy with Cold War and Warzone weapons recently. This Blueprint increases damage and has better recoil than the base weapon – are Blueprints pay to win?

Although not announced in the Mid-Season Update, it looks like Cold War will be getting a Riot Shield soon.

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