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Black Ops Cold War’s New Miami Strike Map Revealed – Coming Soon

The latest map to be added to Black Ops Cold War is Miami Strike – a reworked version of the game’s most hated map.

Maps are one of the most important parts of any Call of Duty game. Many players had been initially disappointed with the map offering in Black Ops Cold War though.

This is because many of the maps had glaring issues that made playing on them a pretty unenjoyable experience. Although Treyarch has since updated many maps and Miami is now getting a huge rework.

Black Ops Cold War Miami

Cold War Miami Strike Changes

May players had previously voiced their displeasure about the Miami map in Cold War. One player even designed a Miami rework of his own with two major changes.

However, Treyarch has now made their own changes to the map and are releasing it as the new Miami Strike map for 6v6 modes. Although, the original Miami will still be playable in larger game modes too.

Treyarch had previously announced the Miami Strike map here. However, a new tweet from Treyarch shows off the map for the first time.

The first major change in Miami Strike is that it is now set at during the day. This fixes the visibility issues players had on the original Miami map.

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Black Ops Cold War Miami

Secondly, Miami Strike is much smaller than the original map. This will make it much more suited for 6v6 modes for a number of reasons.

Players will now spawn closer to the action, so there will be less downtime in matches. Also, this will help the flow of the game as the video shows some clear rotation routes.

Miami Strike Release Date

The new Miami Strike map will release with Season 2 Reloaded. Find out when Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Reloaded releases here.

However, will players care that much considering that Modern Warfare is still more popular on Twitch than Black Ops Cold War?

Meanwhile, the working title of the next Call of Duty game has been leaked. This might come as a surprise to many fans.

Also, Zombies fans have a major update to look forward to. Cold War Zombies is getting a night cycle, new events, and a new map.

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