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Black Ops Cold War Leaker Reveals 8 More Map Remakes Are Coming

Black Ops Cold War could be getting 8 more map remakes, according to a reliable leaker.

Soon after a new remake of classic Black Ops 2 Map Express was announced, there’s news of potentially even more remakes coming to Cold War.

Reliable Call of Duty Twitter leaker @TheMW2Ghost has revealed that around 8 more remakes could be coming to Cold War.

While this wasn’t announced in the huge new Season 1 Reloaded Patch notes, more remakes seem likely if this leaker is to be believed.

Black Ops Cold War Map Remakes Raid

Cold War Map Remakes

However, reliable this leaker may be, there is no way of verifying how true this is. They didn’t name the source who told them and there’s no way of checking this information.

However, this would match up with what content has been released for Cold War so far. Nuketown and Raid have already been remade for Cold War, while Express is coming soon.

If the remakes keep coming at this rate then it would make sense to see about 8 more for the rest of the game’s life cycle.

The leaker also tweeted in response to a Call of Duty fan’s remake predictions. He tweeted a list of 8 maps, but it is unknown whether these are the maps that will be coming to Cold War or not.

It is possible that the leaker has some inside knowledge on what map remakes are in development. Although, this could just be a list of maps TheMW2Ghost would like to see come to Cold War.

At the very least, this news sparks a discussion on what maps fans would like to see remade for Cold War.

Cold War is also getting a highly requested mode for dedicated players. League Play is finally coming to Black Ops Cold War in Season 1.

Zombies fans also have a new map to look forward to. Find out everything we know so far about Firebase Z.

Now is a better time than ever to play Black Ops Cold War. Zombies is currently having a free access week, while players can level up guns super fast with the Double Weapon XP event.

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