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Black Ops Cold War Leak Reveals 2 New Field Upgrades

A Call of Duty leaker could have revealed two new field upgrades coming to Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War is in need of some new content. While Cold War’s mid-season update brought new maps and game modes, players still want more to be added.

Field upgrades are powerful pieces of equipment that can be extremely useful if used correctly. If this leaker is to be believed, two more of these could be coming to shake-up Cold War multiplayer.

Cold War Field Upgrades Leaker

Twitter leaker Declassified has shown two new Field Upgrades in Black Ops Cold War. He is a reliable leaker in the Call of Duty community and has uncovered content accurately before.

His tweet shows two different screenshots featuring what looks like new Field Upgrades on the map Raid. However, these leaks are unconfirmed.

raid black ops cold war

Barbed Wire Field Upgrade

The first screenshot shows the potential new barbed wire upgrade. It looks like the roll of barbed wire could be deployed anywhere on the map, but its effects are unknown at the moment.

The barbed wire field upgrade is likely to have one of two effects. Firstly, it could be used to slow down moving enemies, as it does in Rainbow Six Siege.

Alternatively, barbed wire could damage any player that walks through it. It is also possible it could have some combination of these two effects.

Bulletproof Shield Field Upgrade

Secondly, Declassified could have leaked some kind of reinforced shield Field Upgrade. This metal shield would presumably be bulletproof and could be crouched behind.

Therefore, the use for this would be pretty simple. It would act as indestructible cover that players could place down wherever they want.

Declassified Twitter

Although the potential new content is exciting, players would much rather Treyarch actually fixes the game first. Black Ops Cold War patch 1.75 is crashing consoles.

This isn’t the only glitch that is breaking the game. A resupply bug is also causing Cold War to crash.

Another huge Call of Duty leak has happened recently. Find out how this Fire Team Dirty Bomb glitch may have revealed the new Warzone map.

Luckily, many Cold War bugs should be fixed soon. Treyarch has said they will be fixing this Thermal Scope glitch, alongside many others.

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