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Black Ops Cold War League Play Release Date Announced

Treyarch has finally announced that League Play is coming to Black Ops Cold War, and it’s sooner than expected.

Fans have been calling for Treyarch to add League Play to Cold War ever since the game released.

They had initially expected the playlist to release with the new 1.11 patch that added loads of new content including the new Firebase Z Zombies map. However, League Play was nowhere to be seen.

Now the highly requested mode has finally got a release date.

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What is League Play?

League Play is a playlist that emulates professional Call of Duty. The game modes are adjusted to custom rulesets and both game modes and maps are limited to the ones used in the CDL.

Players will also have restrictions about what weapons, perks, and attachments they can use. These restrictions are exactly the same as the CDL’s official rules.

CDL fans should also stay up to date with the rules. Read about all of the rule changes ahead of the 2021 CDL season here.

League Play will also allow players to compete and climb the ranks ladder during intense League Play Events.

Considering the game mode tries to emulate the CDL, it makes sense that it will release before the CDL Opening weekend that starts on February 11.

When Will League Play Come to Cold War?

Treyarch announced that they will finally introduce League Play to Cold War next week. The exact date is Monday, February 8, which means that players only have a couple more days to wait.

CDL fans will be able to familiarize themselves with the 2021 CDL rules before the season kicks off. Fans can also get used to the new 2021 CDL operator skins for Cold War and Warzone that have been leaked early.

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Cold War players have the new Firebase Z Zombies map to keep them occupied until league play arrives. Find out how to turn on the power in Firebase Z.

Meanwhile, it seems like Warzone is coming to the CDL in the 2021 season. This could really shake up the league.

Cheating has been a huge problem in Warzone recently, which was a worry for CDL fans. However, Warzone is in a much better place now that Activision banned 60,000 hackers.

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