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Cold War is Getting a Black Ops 2 Express Remake

A remake of the classic Express map from Black Ops 2 is coming to Cold War

Black Ops fans have already been treated to remakes of old-school maps Raid and Nuketown. However, Treyarch has announced that another fan-favorite map will be coming to Cold War in a few weeks.

Black Ops 2 map Express is coming to the game and fans are excited to battle in the train station once more.

Despite the new map, fans will hope that Cold War’s multiplayer becomes less frustrating. This clip shows everything wrong with Cold War’s multiplayer.

What Will the Cold War Express Remake Look Like?

It’s very likely that the map will retain its unique U-shape that fans love. However, Treyarch has yet to announce what they plan to do with the map stylistically.

While not much changed with fellow Black Ops 2 map Raid’s makeover for Cold War, there are a few differences. Most notably, Treyarch changed the cars around the map to give it an 80’s feel.

Fans expect that the Express remake will have changed to fit in with Cold War’s 80’s time period. While it’s likely that Express will be mostly identical, there are a number of things that Treyarch could change.

It will be interesting to see what Treyarch does with the trains. Surely they would change them to older style trains to fit the time period, but that would also mean they would travel slower and be easy to avoid.

Black Ops cold War Express Remake
Credit: Treyarch/Activision

The map is scheduled to go live on Thursday, February 4 so fans will be able to find out then what this new version of Express is like. Make sure to check Treyarch’s Twitter to keep up to date with Cold War announcements.

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