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Black Ops Cold War Gung-Ho Glitch is Still Annoying Players

Black Ops Cold War's Gung-Ho Perk has been glitched ever since the game released. Players are annoyed that it still hasn't been fixed.

Gung-Ho is a perk in Black Ops Cold War that simply just speeds players up. It speeds up weapon switching and lets you fire while sprinting, amongst other effects.

However, Gung-Ho lets players be way too quick with this glitch, and Call of Duty fans are annoyed about it.

Cold War Gung-Ho Glitch

The glitch in question allows players to run around ready to throw tactical equipment whilst also being able to shoot their guns. Players can do this glitch by holding a piece of equipment in their hand such as semtex or a stun grenade. It's that simple.

Cold War Gung-Ho Glitch

Using this glitch essentially lets players race around the map constantly sprinting and shooting. It completely removes all sprint to fire delays for players.

This allows players to shoot immediately after sprinting, instead of having a small delay. This can make all the difference in fast-paced gunfights.

A side-effect of the glitch is that players can drop a semtex or molotov when they die. This will trigger frustrating flashbacks of the Martyrdom perk from past Call of Duty Games.

This glitch has affected the Gung-Ho perk since Cold War's release. Players would be more understanding if it was a new glitch, but there has been no effort to fix it so far.

It is not known whether Treyarch is aware of the issue but Cold War players regularly post about how frustrating the Gung-Ho glitch is. However, if Treyarch was aware, they would have surely fixed the glitch a while ago.

ChiefofCheeks Reddit

This isn't the only glitch in Cold War at the moment. Many players are having frustrating hit registration issues.

Gamers who don't have Cold War will be able to jump in for free this week. Cold War Zombies is getting a Free Access Week.

A new Season is coming in Black Ops Cold War soon. A new leak has revealed oll of the content coming in Black Ops Cold War Season 2.

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