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Black Ops Cold War Glitch Gives Players Wall Hacks For Easy Kills

A new Black Ops Cold War glitch is giving players wall hacks, which makes it incredibly easy for players to get loads of kills.

Black Ops Cold War is a very fast-paced shooter. With players sprinting, bunny hopping, and sliding around the map, it can become very difficult to keep track of everyone.

Having the element of surprise is, therefore, a huge advantage for players.

However, this glitch gives Cold War players wall hacks, which means players can see the locations of all of their enemies all of the time.

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Cold War Season 2

Wall Hacks in Black Ops Cold War

Redditor Nemesiii posted about how he has regularly been given wall hacks in games of Cold War. He did not use cheat software but the game somehow gave him the ability to see where the enemies were.

If a player uses cheat software to get wall hacks in Cold War, then they risk being banned or even ruining their potential gaming career like this aspiring COD pro.

Other players have also reported this glitch, but it only seems to happen on PC. Yet, it can seemingly hapen in any game mode and at any time.

lc10 warzone cold war season 2

This Cold War wall hacks glitch lets players see all of the name tags of the opposing team's players no matter where they are. This gives the player with the wall hacks a huge advantage over their enemy.

Therefore, players are hoping that Treyarch will fix this glitch soon as it makes the game totally unfair. It's also especially important to sort these glitches as soon as possible as Cold War could be supported for up to 4 years!

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Nemesiii Reddit

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