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Cold War Cheater Exposes Hacks on Stream – Pro Career Ruined?

This aspiring Call of Duty pro accidentally revealed he was a cheater in Cold War live on stream.

Cheating is a huge problem in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone at the moment. Players use cheats like aimbots and wallhacks to give them an unfair advantage.

Even competitive and, in this case, aspiring pro players use cheats. Find out how this player accidentally outed himself as a cheater live on stream.

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Cold War Cheater Exposed

Cheating is not new to Black Ops Cold War – in fact, cheaters have even openly bragged about using hacks in the past. In the latest cheating scandal, COD player ‘yyyunggg’ was caught out using cheats while streaming Black Ops Cold War.

In the live stream, commenters accused ‘yyyunggg’ of cheating and so he attempted to prove his innocence. However, this completely backfired.

The player tried to open the task manager on his PC to show that he wasn’t running any chat software. However, he then accidentally broadcast his view of the game, including cheats, to everyone watching on Twitch.

Viewers of the stream could clearly see that the cheater was using wallhacks. Two outlines of enemy players appeared through walls with green health bars above them.

Using hacks in a competitive environment totally ruins it for all players. Let’s hope you don’t come across a cheater in Cold War’s brand new League Play mode.

Black Ops Cold War Bulldozer Operator

Pro Career Ruined?

COD caster Alan ‘Bricey’ Brice called out ‘yyyunggg’ on Twitter and posted a clip proving his cheating. Hacking has been a big problem in competitive COD since its switch to PC for Cold War.

Bricey said: “Imagine being so weird that multiple people figure out you have walls and an aim key. You deny and try to get away with it then accidentally put them on stream…”

The cheater has since deleted his Twitter account and has not streamed Cold War since. Will he ever make a return to competitive COD or are his pro aspirations totally over?

Brice Twitter

Meanwhile, Warzone is full of cheaters too. Activision banned 60,000 hackers and said they will improve Warzone’s anti-cheat system. However, this hasn’t worked and Warzone cheaters are back again.

Players claim that wallhackers are in “almost every game” of Warzone now. Let’s hope Activision properly addresses the cheating problem soon.

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Tuesday 16th of February 2021

Why not just get rid of cross play so the console guys can enjoy the no cheating.