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Cold War Bullfrog Blueprint Is “Pay To Lose”, According To Players

This Cold War Bullfrog Blueprint is totally broken – how can they sell this in the store?

Blueprints are special versions of guns that players can buy in the COD store or unlock through in-game challenges. They come with attachments equipped, have an exclusive camo, and sometimes different iron sights.

However, the new Blueprint for the Bullfrog makes the gun unusable. Players can’t even aim properly using this version of the gun.

Black Ops Cold War Miami

Broken Bullfrog Violettor Blueprint in Cold War

A Reddit clip shows that the new Violettor Blueprint for the Bullfrog is completely broken. Mrheadshot0 noticed that the iron sights are not central on the gun.

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This is obviously a major problem as it stops players from hitting their targets and, crucially, from getting kills.

The Bullfrog Violettor blueprint is available in the COD Store as part of the Ultra Violent bundle. This costs 800 COD points and includes the blueprint, a charm and an emblem.

Ultra Violent Bullfrog Blueprint Bundle Cold War

It comes with a SnapPoint optic attached, however removing it makes the Violettor unusable. Warzone players are also having problems with sights. This annoying glitch makes reticles completely invisible.

The clip shows how misaligned the iron sights are when you ADS. Accurate shots are impossible thanks to the sights being too far to the left of the gun.

Cold War players in the replies have even dubbed the gun as “pay- to lose”.

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There has previously been uproar about “pay to win” blueprints. Warzone players found out that a MAC-10 blueprint hugely increased the gun’s damage.

Violettor Bullfrog Blueprint Cold War

Even worse than the Bullfrog blueprint is that Mrheadshot0 hasn’t managed to get a refund from Activision Support yet. Surely Treyarch will fix this glitch soon, or they will have to refund everyone who bought it.

He shouldn’t hold out hope for getting a refund on his broken Bullfrog blueprint though. Activision Support previously offered a player just 2 XP tokens after he lost all of his camos.

Mrheadshot0 Reddit

Meanwhile, Treyarch has teased that a new Zombies map could be coming to the Ural Mountains. The developer has also accidentally confirmed a new Zombies mode called Outbreak.

A Black Ops Cold War fan has also come up with the perfect nerf for the overpowered Flak Jacket Perk.

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