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Cold War Beta Players Hate the Game’s Broken Sliding Mechanic

The Black Ops Cold War Beta has many issues, but players particularly hate the game’s broken sliding.

It’s not hard to find issues with Black Ops Cold War’s Beta, but one issue is rising above the rest. Despite the game being a fun return to the more arcade-style gameplay of past Call of Duty titles, the movement just feels off.

The biggest problem with Cold War’s movement comes with the game’s sliding mechanic. By pressing crouch while sprinting, players go into a quick sliding animation.

Cold War explosion
(Source: Treyarch)

Not only does this animation make your hitbox smaller, but it’s also fast and difficult to punish. Players have already found ways to use this to their advantage and chain slides together for quick movement around the map.

From the look of it, this was an intentional gameplay mechanic on Treyarch’s part. But the sliding feature appears to be at least not working as intended.

Black Ops Cold War’s Sliding Is Broken

Thanks to a combination of Cold War’s sliding giving players a quick speed boost, and ping issues, players can look like they’re flying around the game’s Beta.

Usually, the movement looks relatively normal for the player performing the action. But due to different server connections and ping spikes, that same slide can look very odd to enemies.

What’s more, being able to trigger a slide from a near stand-still with no real penalty is becoming an issue. It doesn’t feel natural, and being able to fire quickly out of the movement option seems a little too powerful.

Players on the Black Ops Cold War subreddit have been posting a range of clips that show off just how broken the game’s sliding really is. In this clip, a player can’t possibly track an enemy that slides out of cover before they’re already dead.

In another video from the Beta, Black Ops Cold War’s broken sliding exploit leads to a major speed boost. A player can clearly be seen sliding backward down a slope before hopping quickly into a new slide.

If this issue doesn’t get a fix before launch, it won’t be long before players tire of the game. Already, the game’s fan base is up and arms over a variety of issues.

Just wait until every player in a lobby knows how to take advantage of this sliding mechanic fully. The game will lose a lot of its boots-on-the-ground feel and return to an Advanced Warfare style of gameplay.

Right now, it’s hard to tell if the sliding is even the biggest fan complaint in the Black Ops Cold War Beta. After all, we’ve also got Cold War players already using aimbots and wallhacks.