Many may be wondering what the code to Diego’s safe is in the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign mission, El Sin Nombre, and lucky for you we have the answer.

One of the toughest missions in MW2 is El Sin Nombre, as it sees you sneaking around a compound full of armed guards.

However, you can give yourself a huge helping hand by raiding Diego’s safe, as it’s filled with guns and armor. Only, it requires a code to access, and that code is tricky to find.

It is worth noting that by completing this mission you’ll unlock one of many exclusive campaign rewards in MW2. So, it’s definitely worth raiding Diego’s safe to get through it quickly and quietly.

How to Find Diego’s Safe in Modern Warfare 2

To find Diego’s safe, you’ll need to head into the courtyard to the right of the guest area and head up the stairs. From there, it is simple:

  • From the elevator where Alejandro gives you the mask, head straight and then turn left into the house. You should see blue sofas
  • Turn left and head towards the side door that leads out into the courtyard. You should see the stairs
    • There is a guard on the stairs, so take him out with a silenced weapon or distract him with a bottle
  • Once you’re up the stairs, turn right and then right again. You should see a door after an archway. Go through it
  • You’ll be in Diego’s room (Soap will mention this via dialogue)
  • Head to the bed and then look for a cupboard (it is to the right of the bathroom)
  • Open the cupboard doors and you’ll find Diego’s safe
  • Interact with it to input the code
the safe in Diego's room in MW2
This is the location of the safe in Diego’s room

How to Find Diego’s Safe Code in MW2

If you want to find the code to Diego’s safe by yourself, then you’ll need to look for the poster of Lazar Salgado.

  • Just as you enter Diego’s room, you’ll find the poster on your left
  • Look for the date beneath Lazar Salgado’s name
  • The date beneath Lazar Salgado’s name is the code you’re looking for (but keep reading because it’s required in a particular format)
a poster of Lazar Salgado in MW2
This is the poster in Diego’s room with the code on it at the bottom

It is also worth noting that beneath this poster is a cupboard with a silenced pistol inside, which will be very useful if you haven’t found a gun up until that point.

What Is the Code to Diego’s Safe in MW2 Campaign?

The code to Diego’s safe in the mission El Sin Nombre is 02 02 19. You’ll need to interact with the safe found in the cupboard doors in Diego’s room to input it, but once you do, you’ll find a shotgun and armor inside.

the safe code to Diego's safe in MW2
This is the code to Diego’s safe

It’s a fairly difficult code to find, but the reward is absolutely worth it. Once you’ve looted the safe, head back out into the compound to finish your mission.

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